Tips for Choosing College Majors

When entering college, many prospective students are confused about which major they want to take. In addition, there are many considerations when choosing a college major, however, don't worry because we will provide tips for choosing a major for you. 

1. Research and find out the career path of the major 

This is quite important because many companies determine what major they want a position to fill. Even though in reality many graduates work not in accordance with their majors, the choice of majors is a determinant and limitation for a person to determine his career. 

2. Follow your passion and ability 

Many prospective students do not know their goals, abilities, and even join their friends. This often makes lectures empty, dry, especially in semester 3 and so on. So as not to fall into this “black hole”, make sure what things you like, you are interested in. Do not be easily carried away by the words of friends or other people. 

3. Research campus information and its surroundings 

It is no less important, is to know the ins and outs of the campus and tuition fees in detail. Some majors require higher fees than other majors, as well as regulations that require physical and spiritual health. For example, the DKV major, which most campuses do not allow prospective students to be color blind.

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