How To Prevent People From Copying Your Posts on Blogger

Installing the Anti Copy Paste Script on the template to prevent plagiarism. 

Before I get to the point, I will tell you what is plagiarism? According to Wikipedia, plagiarism is the act of taking or stealing someone's work and own opinion, and can be considered as a criminal offense because of stealing the copyright of others intentionally or not without prior permission.

Although the content that we believe is our own can still be protected by reporting it to the DMCA so that the content can be immediately removed from search results on search engines, of course so that it does not recur. Our suggestion is to provide more protection to your own blog by using the anti-copy and paste JavaScript in your blog template. So how do you do it? We present this article to show you how to install anti-copy-paste JavaScript on blogger templates:

1. Open the Blog Dashboard
2. Navigate to Themes > Edit Theme
3. Search for </Head> or &lt;/head&gt; then paste the below script above it:

<script type="text/javascript">

if (typeof document.onselectstart!="undefined") {

document.onselectstart=new Function ("return false");



document.onmousedown=new Function ("return false");

document.onmouseup=new Function ("return true");


</script >

4. Save your template. 

Now your blog is safe from the threat of copying articles because it has been protected by anti-copy and paste JavaScript on your template, I think that's all from me and don't forget to share this post to your social media if you like it. Thank you. 
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1 komentar