How to hack wifi by wireshark


Breaking or hacking Wifi is one of the ways to get free internet access. One of the easiest ways is to use the Wireshark application. Want to know how to use Wireshark to hack Wifi? Find out more in the following article!

Wireshark is an application in the form of a Network Protocol Analyzer which can make us see network data that is currently operating. That way, we can see network data such as the amount of data to the traffic. The data in question is a network connection.

The Wireshark application is both free and open-source software for analyzing network traffic and solving network problems. No wonder many novice hackers use this application. However, this app is more known for hacking wifi than its main function.

The features of the Wireshark application are as follows:

  • Capture real-time network data packets using physical devices NIC (Network Interface Card).
  • Complete packet data network protocol information and statistical data. 
  • Converts data packets into files for later research.
  • Filter network data packets.
  • Looking for data packages with specific qualifications.

the Wireshark Application?

Here are some of the functions of the Wireshark application that you need to understand.

1. Analyze Network Performance

The main function of the Wireshark application is to analyze network performance. Usually the person who analyzes is the network administrator. All types of information contained in it can be seen through sniffing or eavesdropping techniques. In addition, the application can also analyze the transmission of data packets.

2. Analyzing Computer Network Traffic

Network traffic is very important for professionals, administrators, to researchers and network software developers. Network traffic or network traffic is a component needed to calculate bandwidth management (maximum capacity of the internet network). 

3. Read Ethernet Data Directly

As we have discussed, Wireshark works by eavesdropping techniques. Therefore, data from Ethernet can be read easily. All data LAN (Local Area Network or Local Area Network) we can get directly.

4. Knowing IP and Voice Over User Conversations

Tapping the network can also let you know the IP and voice over conversations of network users. Usually this activity is often carried out by chatters through chat rooms.

How Does Wireshark Work?

Through the description of features and functions, this application looks so difficult. But actually this application is very easy. This application will record all data packets through the interface used. Uniquely, you can use the application while opening the browser.

You can analyze the results of the recording and filter the protocols such as http, udp, or tcp. You can also get information about cookies, posts, and requests from the recording. So, simply how to hack wifi using Wireshark is recorded through the interface.

How to Use Wireshark to Hack Wifi?

To hack wifi easily, here are the steps using the Wireshark application.

1. Install the Wireshark Application

First, first download the Wireshark application at this link. In addition to these links, a number of application service providers also provide these applications. After downloading, make sure to install it first on the laptop or computer that you are using.

2. Double Click the Wireshark Application and Ctrl + K

Double click on the Wireshark icon. Then, a Wireshark Splash Screen will appear which is loading. Once open, make sure to do a capture system or you can press Ctrl + K. The application will automatically bring up a dialog box to capture. Then, Capture Interfaces and select Options.

3. Pay attention to the interface used

Next, you make sure the interface is installed. Interface is a network connector in the form of an Ethernet Card. If the connector you are using is not an Ethernet Card, replace it immediately. This is very crucial in the success of the break-in.

4. Run the App

After the three initial preparation steps have gone well, then run the application by pressing the Start button. Automatically, the password for the targeted Wifi network will appear. Don't forget, network traffic, protocols, and other info about the network will appear.

5. Press the Stop Button

If the password has been entered from the network record, press the Stop button or Alt + E. After that, you can start sniffing passwords by typing "http" in the Filter field. In general, the word "login" or so on will appear. Right click on the packet with POST info then follow TCP Stream.

After the package info display appears, through the administrator page we can find the red username and password. For more detailed data, you can analyze one by one according to what you need.

Already Know How to Use Wireshark to Hack Wifi?

If you read this article while running the Wireshark application, you will get complete Wifi information. When you analyze the last data one by one it will also not take much time. Therefore, give it a try and practice using it. Good luck!

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