How to install wifite on android termux

How to install wifite on android termux, wifite is a tool that functions as a wireless attack, wifite is also able to crack locked wifi passwords with wpa/wpa2, hack wifi in short.

wifite is written in python2, and wifite is actually automatically available on linux distros such as kalilinux, backbox, pentoo. But now I will try to install the wifite tool on android termux, okay, let's go!

How to Install Wifite Termux Android

Install Wifite

Tutorial Install Wifite in Android Termux:

$ apt update && apt upgrade


$ apt install git


$ apt install python2


$ git clone https://github.com/derv82/wifite


$ cd wifite


$ chmod 777 wifite.py


How To Run wifite?

$ python2 wifite.py

$ ./wifite.py



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