How To SEO Blogger 2022

A new blogger can be said to be successful if built blog has many visitors and could result in the coffers of the rupiah. But the fact is to create a blog that has a lot of visitors and generates rupiah is not an easy thing. Everything requires effort and hard work, there are many things that we have to take and one of the opportunities that has the potential to attract many visitors is search engine optimization or commonly referred to as SEO. By relying on search engine optimization or SEO, an ordinary beginner can feel the effects directly by seeing visitor traffic that continues to increase every day.

If you are a beginner blogger and are still confused about how to start SEO, here are the SEO steps that you can start to optimize your blog:

• The first step

Make sure friends already have a blog first to be optimized. There are so many free blog providers that you can use, such as blogspot.com, wordpress.com, mywapblog.com, etc. However, if you intend to create a blog with a personal domain (.com, .org, .co.id etc.) we recommend using the wordpress.org template, please start buying personal hosting. Private hosting is the best choice because it has high value and is easy to optimize and has full ownership rights to the hosts files.

• Second step

Choose a blog template that is seo friendly, usually there are lots of free seo friendly blog template providers that friends can choose and use, please look for and download a seo friendly blog template that looks according to your friends suitable for your blog, a few seo friendly templates different from the default template that has not been modified, in general, the SEO friendly blog template structure has been modified and adapted to things that are considered liked by search engines, the goal is that blogs that use this template have articles that are preferred by search engine robots so that it will be easy to find. found in the best position.

• Third step

Make at least 5 articles as the main basis for your blog. Start to make quality articles for readers, easy to understand and of course the content of the article must be in accordance with the theme for your blog. If friends can be advised for each article to have at least 1000 words or more, according to the analysis that has been reviewed by serpIQ, related to seo, blog articles have a large number of words, namely 1500-2000 words or more, it will be easier to find by search engines in the best order and can defend well.

• Fourth step

Register friends' blogs to search engines (Bing which has been integrated with yahoo and also google webmaster tool (GWT), the purpose of registering blogs to search engines is so that our blogs are easier to recognize by search engines, how search engines can find If we know our blog, if we don't know it yet, without being registered our blog can actually be found by Google by itself but it takes a long time for search engines to recognize our blog page. Therefore, to speed up and make it easier for search engines to recognize our blog, we better register it manually. manually and after you have successfully registered, please also submit a sitemap in it. Later we can control and monitor how search robots act on our blog pages. 

Then Submit blog and every blog article then submit the URL on google. And resubmit your blog URL sitemap on google webmaster tool every time you finish writing an article.

• Five step

Learn and involve onpage and offpage SEO optimization for your blog. Onpage SEO optimization is all forms of optimization efforts that we apply from the internal side of the blog itself. As a guide, friends can read the article.

Friends, you need to know that there are lots of on-page SEO optimization techniques that you can use for blog articles. Friends will get a positive effect from onpage SEO optimization by trying and seeing the results, and friends will find out which SEO optimization is suitable for use for blog articles. 

Until now, what seems to have the most role in improving site page rankings in search results is offpage SEO optimization, one of which is the role of backlinks, there are many ways we can try to build backlinks, but in this case, friends, you should be careful. , because if carelessly it is not a profit but the biggest risk could be web spam and the risk is that your blog is removed from circulation.

Keep experimenting, friends, what we need to know is that we can't do SEO with a fast process, everything takes time and it seems that SEO is pointless. The more search engine algorithm methods are introduced, the more we have to learn. Hope it is useful 

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