Get to know more about the Department of Communication Studies


You must have heard of majoring in communication science, right? But, are you still confused about what to study in the Communication Science major? Let's see the following article! 

Within the communication science major, there are usually three majors, namely journalism, Public Relations, and Broadcasting. Journalism contains knowledge about journalism, which can later be used as a basis for becoming a press, such as covering important events and people, or as a basis for writing. 

In Public Relations, students are taught how to become a public relations officer for a company. In the PR major, students study corporate crisis management, as well as how companies deal with press inquiries. 

Meanwhile, the Broadcasting major focuses students on the use of supporting tools for coverage such as television and radio media. Students are taught to learn to use cameras, and an introduction to the process of producing electronic media content. 

After knowing what majors are in Communication Science, make sure you don't just go along with your friends, choose a major according to your own abilities and desires.

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