Healthy Living Tips According to WHO 2020

Tips for Healthy Living According to WHO 2022 – The Covid-19 virus outbreak has not yet ended. It's not getting better, but the death rate is increasing, Positive due to COVID-19. Positive Recorded: 8,882, Recovered: 1,107, Died: 743. (27/3/2020)

Until now doctors have not found a cure and vaccine for COVID-19 . It's very worrying indeed, but we don't need to panic, because this virus can die with a healthy lifestyle.

According to the Director of the World Health Organization, which is often abbreviated as WHO, namely Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus shares tips on living physically & mentally healthy in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic situation. He shares these tips in a 3-minute video as reported by okezone.com.

“Several countries have faced a precarious situation. However, we must also look at the experiences of several cities and countries that have succeeded in expelling this virus. It gives us hope and courage to face this epidemic," he said.

He also said that maintaining health & physical is very important in this Covid-19 outbreak. The following are tips for maintaining health & physical that are recommended by WHO :

Healthy Living Tips According to WHO 2022

1. Eat healthy and nutritious foods

These foods such as vegetables and fruits. It is advisable to consume foods that contain more vitamin E.

2. No Smoking

Smoking can actually cause various diseases, therefore avoid smoking habits.

3. Exercising

Exercise is very important to maintain physical fitness. Under current conditions, do exercise 3x a week in a home environment or not in a crowded place.

4. Take care of mental health

If you feel confused, stressed and afraid of this pandemic, it's normal. But there is no need to panic, try to exchange ideas with friends, family and trusted people to provide solutions in situations like this.

“Helping the community or friends around you can help you feel supported, and so can they. Try to keep in touch with neighbors, family and friends. The spirit of compassion can be a panacea," he said.

He also said that behind the COVID-19 pandemic there is something special, namely that we have a lot of time to spend day after day with family and can work together for humanity.

"The opportunity to always be together, and we are united in humanity to work together, allows us to learn together and also grow together," said Tedros.

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