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I will share premium igniplex template artificial template mba igniel this theme is very cool and very friendly and responsive seo.

Let's take a peek at the part of the premium igniplex template from mba igniel, see the image below, ignieltelcom friend

1. Index Page

Igniplex premium

2. Menu Navigasi Mobile

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3. Footer View

Footer igniplex premium

4. Info Update Template

Update template igniplex premium

This template was designed and created by Ms. Igniel, a young blogger who has been growing for a long time. Mba Igniel is a blogger writer from Sukabumi whose hobby is sharing and giving tutorials to friends to be more enthusiastic about making articles that you want to post.

Discussing about the templates that have been made, this Igniplex Template is what amazed the writers as well as being able to beautify your appearance. I personally highly recommend this template to be used on your blog if you want to post any article on your personal blog.

Latest v2.6 Pro Features:

  • Update Layout v2 and v3
  • Guide to placing ad positions
  • Pagination (Page Split)
  • Social Share Counter
  • Anti adblock (Free of annoying ads or pop ups)
  • Super light and fast loading
  • SEO Freindy
  • Costume Related post
  • Numbered page navigation
  • Very responsive and just really suitable for posting on the blog
  • Add Drak Mode


The features above are only a summary of the features of the previous version.

While the features of Version v2.6 have not been announced what have been changed by Ms. Igniel

Repair Info v2.6 :

  • Redirect issue fix
  • Fixed duplicate meta description issue
  • Fixed sidebar sticky issue
  • Fixed related posts not showing up if there is a label containing the `&` . symbol
  • Fixed related post (URL that is currently open will not appear in the list of related posts)
  • Fixed photo caption that is too long (it will be automatically cropped)
  • Added 'image' and 'noimage' features in the middle of the article and the bottom of the article related
  • Removal of the 'counter' feature on social media shares due to restrictions from Facebook
  • Font change
  • Added middlebar and random post feature on Homepage
  • Added Lazy Load AdSense feature
  • Change numbered pages to infinite scroll
  • Improved meta tags and open graph
  • HTML5 tag semantic and data structure improvements
  • `noimage` . image change
  • Changes in the appearance of sharing to social media
  • Author box display changes
  • 404 . error page display changes
  • Blockquote display changes
  • Change the table view
  • Comment display changesP
  • Other minor appearance changes


Repair info above is only a summary of the previous version info.

While the Repair Info from Version v2.6 has not been announced what has been changed by Ms. Igniel

Free download and buy info

I will share the download link for free and of course you don't have to pay, because the price of this template is quite affordable, which is around Rp. 230,000 which means you have got this template for free. but I only share version 2.1, which was updated last January, and certainly not inferior to the latest v2.6 this May.

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