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In this article I will share the Median UI premium template. For those of you who don't know the template, you can visit my digital school blog. there I used the median ui template blogger template made by Jago Design Blog. I say thank you very much because the template is really helpful, bro.

How about after visiting his blog are you also interested in getting the template? because for me it is very modern and cool it's a template for us to use in our blog.

The appearance of this Median UI Template is very special because the appearance on the menu is also made different from other templates, by using the concept of 3 columns in the theme where the first column is used for navigation menus which can minimize the navigation width. If you look at the template it looks like a web app that distinguishes your blog from other blogs. This concept is also applied by large websites such as Google Adsense, Google Drive and so on.

Not only that, if you look at using the mobile display to make it look more modern and cool by moving the navigation menu to float below the screen, please try to see, this navigation placement makes the template look like a mobile app, this is intended so that those who visit your blog are more focused on read articles.

Please, if you are interested in the Median UI Template, you can get it by paying only 180 thousand on the Jago Design Blog website. If you want to get the template but are constrained by costs, don't worry, bro. My article will share the median UI premium template for free, please download it to get it.

But if you only get it for free you will not get the updated version which may be more sophisticated and modern in the future, so choose wisely which one you want.

The template itself is 100% SEO friendly, easier to customize, very responsive, the installation is very easy, there is a darkmode feature that helps us when it's dark at night so it's not dazzled, and fast loading.

Weaknesses in this template

My opinion is that you can't set the navigation menu directly in Layout so you have to set it directly in Edit HTML, that's the only drawback in my opinion.

Free Premium Median UI Template Download 

Okay, if you are interested, please download it here. I give it for free without having to fill in a password or ask for an access code first, use it wisely, not even being traded again. 

Download Demo
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