LinkMagz Latest Template 2.60 Free Download

The blogger template that I highly recommend to use is the template from mas sugeng.id. The various kinds of templates that he made are indeed all good and on this occasion I will share the latest template, namely LinkMagz 2.60 Update July 14, 2020.

If you are curious about what the template looks like, you can see what I'm using using the latest linkmagz template so you can take a look first. How interested to have it? If you are interested, you can download the latest free template linkmagz 2.60.

Download Free Premium Median UI Templates Very Responsive

But if you download the free template, you don't get the update. In the future, you have to look for the latest update again, if Mas Sugeng has updated the template, but don't worry, I'll give you an update later.

For the latest linkmagz template from Mas Sugeng, there are lots of excellent features that you need to know.

Fast Loading

For speed problems, don't doubt it because the loading of this LinkMagz template is fast. Because the speed of loading on a template is highly sought after for bloggers to optimize their website. Readers are also more satisfied if the loading speed is fast, imagine if you just opened the web but it feels heavy, the reader will immediately run away from our website.

Dark mode features

This feature is currently being widely implemented in various social media and operating systems. The Darkmode feature is sometimes not supported by our web browsers, so currently reading articles that usually all applications on our smartphones have implemented darkmode but the web browser will not feel a little strange in the eyes. Therefore, this darkmode feature is applied to this latest linkmagz template.

To be able to use the darkmode feature, it is very simple because there is already an option, all you have to do is click and it will change to dark mode. This feature may be added to other templates.

Easy Optimization

Why do I say easy optimization because you can change the appearance of blogger and its settings are enough from the layout, for those of you who are not familiar with HTML this feature is very suitable because it is very easy to edit everything you normally have to change the HTML editing which makes you dizzy because contains all the code.

Elegant Design

If we look at what I'm using, the design is very elegant, isn't it, with this latest premium linkmagz template we get a premium design that is very comfortable to use and the smartphone's seo friendly on the cellphone display is also very special. We also don't need to edit the HTML, just from setting the theme.

If you are interested you can get it for free here for the latest version. Please use it wisely and don't trade it again for personal gain.

In addition to my linkmagz template, there is also a median ui template which looks no less elegant than the linkmagz template. Please read my article Median UI Template Free Download there you will find a very stunning display and spoil your eyes.


I highly recommend all templates from mas sugeng. Because all the templates of his work have proven to be widely used by well-known bloggers and also blogger templates that are easily accepted by Adsense.

That's all from me, that's the article about Linkmagz Download, if there is a word error in writing, I apologize, and if there are still things that are not clear, please ask in the comments column.

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