How to Make Meta Descriptions That Can Increase Search Traffic


Meta description is a short information that is displayed on the search results link. Meta description itself is one of the 'weapons' that is effective to increase traffic on a website. Not a few people who do not know how to create an effective meta description. So how do you make it? This article will discuss how to create effective meta descriptions.

1. Use Interesting Language
The purpose is to encourage users or readers to visit your website that appears on the search page. You must be smart in using language or sentences that attract attention. It's best to start by using verbs that make someone curious.

One example is like "Learn More" and more. Even though it looks simple, these words can make someone interested and find out what exactly is offered. After that, you can complete your website pages with product specifications or company images, for example.

2. Do Not Exceed 155 Characters
Meta descriptions must be written effectively and clearly. It is intended that the sentence can be read and not truncated in the search results. Therefore, it is recommended to make it with a range of 155-160 characters. You can use certain tools to check and calculate the length and number of characters.

3. Use symbols and numbers
The next way to make the meta description look more attractive is by using numbers and symbols. Both of these things are considered able to influence psychologically in increasing one's interest. You can also combine this by playing with a letter pattern, i.e. a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters.

4. Avoid Spam Keywords
So that the meta description you create can increase traffic, use keywords that have the most search volume on search engines. You can use tools like Google Trends. With these tools, you can determine which keywords are suitable and right to use in the meta description.

Avoid using spam keywords. This should be noted so that visitors won't click on the 'back' button because the content does not match what is expected when reading the meta description.

5. Useful For Readers
Make a meta description that can provide solutions for readers or visitors. The purpose of a reader visiting a web page is to find information from the content that has been created. You can write down reasons why visitors need to read the link.

If the content is in accordance with what is expected by the reader or visitor, they will feel satisfied. However, if this does not match what the reader or visitor wants, they will be lazy to read until they run out or even leave the website page. Of course this will make traffic not increase and tend to decrease.
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