How to Fix Google Adwords Quality Score Quickly


Quality Score looks like a mystery to new advertisers. Adwords Quality Score is a parameter that determines the ranking of a website's ads in search engines. By using Adwords, that does not mean your website will immediately get the order number 1. In Adwords itself, you still have to compete with other advertisers. To determine who is in the top position, Google finally made Quality Adwords.

In short, ads that get a Quality Score above 7, are most likely to get the top position and low cost advertising. Quality score will be used in calculating Ad Rank with the formula: Ad Rank = CPC Bid x Quality Score. 

Then how to improve Adwords Quality Score quickly? 

1. Create Neat Campaigns and Ad Groups
There are 2 levels of advertising on Google Adwords accounts, namely the Campaign level and the Ad Groups level. Each Campaign has its own Ad Groups. Make it neat and not mixed so that in the future it is not confusing to sort out.

2. Insert Keywords in the Tittle and Description
When advertising on Adwords, you cannot provide a lot of text in either the title or description. Therefore, make words that you think are important to convey and are as simple as possible but still have keyword insertions.

3. Check the relevance of ads, keywords, and landing page
Periodically, you should check the relevance of ads, keywords, and landing pages. Ads and landing pages that have no relevance to the keywords will certainly affect user confidence and will be detected by the engine which will not increase the ranking of these ads.

4. Create a Fast Loading Page
When someone clicks on your website, surely visitors expect a quick loading page and it doesn't take long. Optimize the landing page of your ad so that it loads quickly. If your website takes a long time to open, visitors will automatically close the website and the bounce rate will definitely be high. A high bounce rate will affect the increase in a website's ranking in search engines.

5. Create a High CTR (Click Through Rate)
CTR is the sum of click and impression rates. If the CTR is high, automatically the quality score is also high. In order to get a high CTR, you must make the ad as attractive as possible so that many people click it. But, of the many who click on it, it is also expected that there are those who do the conversion. If you only click but no conversion occurs, the CTR might go down.
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