Important Features That Must Be Present In An E-commerce Website

If you are an online store manager, then you must pay attention to what important features that must be on your E-commerce website so that your online store becomes more professional.

Online shop is one of the must-have media for online businesses. If we only rely on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and the likes, we will find it difficult to build an online store brand.

There are several factors that can support the success of an online business and one of them is an online store website or E-commerce.

If you do not currently have an online store website, I recommend that you make it immediately, and for those of you who already have an online store website, start optimizing your website. Pay attention to what important features your website needs.

In addition to displaying your product, there are several features that must be on your online store website. These features are very important, do not let you ignore them.

Important Features of Online Store/E-commerce Websites

1. Automatic Checkout

Automatic Checkout Feature on the Online Shop Website

Professional online stores must have this feature, which is Automatic Checkout ( buy button which directly processes the order on the website ). So no need to be directed to buy via WhatsApp, Messenger, and others.

When buyers click this button, they will immediately be directed to fill in order data, shipping address, and also display the total price to be paid, as well as displaying a list of payment account options.

2. Automatic Calculation of Shipping Cost

Calculate Shipping Costs on Online Shop Websites

As the name implies, online shop, of course, buyers do not come to your store directly, buyers transact via a website which means ordered goods will be delivered to the buyer's address. Now to send or deliver goods of course you need a courier service such as post. Especially if the destination is far from out of town, of course there are costs to be incurred. And usually the shipping cost (postage) is borne by the buyer.

So that buyers don't bother asking you about your postage, you can use the automatic postage check feature on your website. So that buyers can easily find out the cost of shipping to their place and immediately totaled by their shopping prices on the website.

3. Live Chat

Live Chat Website Feature Online Shop

Don't let your prospective buyers leave your website just to find information about your product.

Suppose they are opening your online store website, and they find an obstacle or something they do not understand, they definitely want to contact you as the store manager to get an explanation.

Well, one way to deal with this is to add the Live Chat feature on your website, so that it will be easier for them to contact you directly on the website.

If you notice, almost all online shop websites or business websites have this feature. Because they know that with this feature it will be easier to connect directly with them.

4. Shopping Cart Features

Shopping Cart Features Online Shop Website

This feature is no less important, as the name implies, this feature functions as a container to collect buyers' groceries before making a payment.

As with shopping at offline stores, if we want to buy goods in large quantities we usually need trollies or shopping baskets provided by stores to collect all our groceries before making payments to the cashier. The goal is of course that buyers do not bother carrying their groceries and do not have to bother going back and forth to the cashier just to buy other products. More practical.

With this shopping cart feature on your website, it is very easy for buyers to buy more products on your website with just one transaction.

Those are some of the features that must be on the online store website, if not yet, these features should immediately complete your online store website with the features mentioned above.
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