What is .XYZ Domain? Do you need to use it?

Ever heard of the .XYZ domain name? Chances are some of you are still unfamiliar or have never even known the existence of this domain. In November 2015, Thedomains.com noted that there were 1.5 million websites that used the .xyz suffix on their domain.

This domain was developed by Daniel Negari since 2014. According to Negari, the need for alternative domain names has been around since people started having trouble choosing a name for the .com domain extension so that the .XYZ domain extension will be widely used and will be easy to remember. This domain continues to experience an increase in users until it reaches to the 4th domain which is often registered in June 2016.

Why .XYZ Domain?

What reasons can you believe that you need to use this domain? The .XYZ domain is designed to be used by various groups, especially those who enter the X, Y, and Z generations. Therefore, this domain also provides various other more detailed domain extensions that direct users in generations X to Z, such as .car , .baby, and others to choose their domain extensions. But if you want to cover a wider audience, you should use the primary domain with the .xyz suffix.

.XYZ Domain Advantages

Before choosing to use the .XYZ domain as your domain extension, you can check the following factors to consider:

1. Easy to remember
The .XYZ domain can mean three age generation nicknames, namely generation X born around 1961-1980, generation Y around 1981-1995, and generation Z born around 1996-2010.

2. Already Indexed by Google
In 2018, this domain extension is still not indexed by Google. As a result, when this website is accessed, visitors will be directed to the Google Search page first. But, now website with this domain can be immediately accessed without passing through the Google Search page. 

3. Opportunity to Get a Premium Domain
Given the age of .XYZ domains that have not been too long, it is not surprising that you can easily find domain names that have not been used by others. So, you can get a premium domain, i.e. choose your own domain name to your liking. However, if you intend to use a premium domain, make sure you move quickly so that the domain name that you seek is not taken by someone else. 

4. Can be used for various purposes
Some domain extensions have their respective functions, for example .com which is used for corporate or community, .org for organizations, and .edu for educational institutions. However, if you look at the list of websites that use the .XYZ domain, you will see various types of websites with .XYZ domain extensions that are used for various purposes, ranging from agencies, startup businesses and others.

.XYZ Domain Disadvantages

Not only are there advantages possessed by this domain, there are also some shortcomings they have as below:
  1. Because there are fewer users than the .com domain, this name is still very foreign to the ears of ordinary people.
  2. Cheap in the first year, then the normal price will not be much different from other domains.
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