How to get bloggers to be accepted by adsense 2022


How to Register for Google AdSense Complete for Beginners You can get additional income easily through the internet. One of them is to make Google AdSense. 

You may have read, heard, or seen for yourself Bloggers or YouTubers who earn millions or even tens of millions thanks to AdSense. That's true. 

You can also earn the same amount using Google AdSense. But of course you have to register first. 

Well, in this article I will discuss what Google AdSense is, how to register for the latest Google AdSense, to tips and tricks so that Google AdSense is quickly accepted by Google. Ready to learn how to create Google AdSense? Let's see the full explanation in this article.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertising program from Google that allows users to become partners. All users can participate in this service provided they have a blog or website.

Users (website owners) who follow the Google AdSense program will get paid from Google when their ads are clicked by visitors. The characteristics of websites that follow this program are marked by the presence of advertisements in the sidebars or in the middle of the article (depending on how the owner manages it). For example like the image below.

Most website owners do monetization using Google AdSense. Using this service is quite easy. AdSense also offers higher commissions compared to similar services. Of course, this opportunity is not to be missed by website owners. They are also busy installing AdSense on their respective websites.

5 Advantages of Using Google AdSense

Now! Before you try Google AdSense yourself, it would be nice to know some of its advantages.

1. Additional Income

Of course! The main advantage of using Google AdSense is the fee it offers. Additional AdSense ads installed on your website will make the website more profitable.

The income you can get from AdSense depends on several factors, including the level of popularity of the website and also the amount of advertising value offered by advertisers. The more competitive the targeted keyword, the greater the value in each ad click.

Google makes payments on a monthly basis. Withdrawals can be made on condition that you have met an income of $100 or the equivalent of 1.4 million (exchange rate of Rp. 14,152).

2. Ads According to Website Content

Content is an important part of attracting the attention of visitors, so it needs a good arrangement. When you use services like Google AdSense and similar services, of course it will reduce the space in the content. Of course this makes visitors sometimes do not like it.

Now! The advantage of joining the Google AdSense program is that the ads that appear match the content of your website. So ads are not too intrusive. Just imagine if the context of the ad content is much different from the website.

For example, your website talks about web hosting services but the advertisements shown are related to plants or animals. Of course this is quite annoying.

3. Customizable Ad Shapes

The appearance and uniqueness of a website or blog is certainly very important for visitors, especially the ease of navigation. Google AdSense ads are indeed the size of the content that appears on the website – as previously discussed.

But you don't need to worry because on the other hand Google AdSense also offers customizable ads. Users can easily set the size, shape, and background and border of the ad.

Now! For those of you who have webmaster skills or a blogger background, of course, you can use Google AdSense as a 'complementary' design.

4. Many References Available

AdSense is a very popular advertising program. It could be, its popularity thanks to a fairly complete documentation. Not only that, there are many references and various tips and tricks related to AdSense that are scattered on the internet.

Complete documentation is of course very useful for those of you who are trying to use AdSense services. If there is a problem, just do a search using Google Search. There are lots of references that you can read about AdSense.

5. Provides Complete Statistics

Google AdSense provides complete statistics and analysis of website visitors and earnings. You can find all these features in the dashboard account. You can even see the number of clicks, the earnings per click and the total earnings, the popularity of the website, and the popularity of the web pages based on the ads that appear.

In addition to the statistical feature, another interesting feature of Google AdSense is the security feature that can be used to block unwanted ads.

Already interested in installing Google AdSense? Relax, you only need a few steps. But need to be patient because there is a process where you have to wait a few days for the verification process.

How to Register for Google AdSense

How to make Google AdSense is very easy because you only need an email and an active website. There are at least four stages that you need to do, namely creating an AdSense account, activating an AdSense account, creating AdSense ads, and adding AdSense ads to the website.

In the next article urlteamedia will share  How to Register for Google Adsense,  how is this article clear? If you are still confused, please contact us via the contact form.

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