Creating a Website With Blogger 2022

website will be a need to manage the business in order to be recognized by potential customers. But unfortunately, not all businesses have a lot of capital to prepare.

For those of you who have just started a business with minimal capital, PAKAR will help you understand how to easily create a website, without having to understand programming languages.


One alternative that can be used if you want to have a website, but don't understand programming languages, is to create a 2.0-based website. Besides being easy to build and easy to manage, web 2.0 also has free features.

The use of Blogger as a website may not be very common in the international market. But Blogger has a strong base in Indonesia. The hobby of blogging is very mushrooming in Indonesia. This potential can be exploited by choosing to use blogger as a business website so that visitors feel familiar and don't feel confused.

Blogger is perfect for those of you who have just opened a small business with little capital. In this tutorial, EXPERT will explain step-by-step how to setup a website with blogger. The advantages of blogger are very many features when compared to creating a website with other web 2.0.


Login to blogger.com

Blogger website

Click the Create Blog button .

Since blogger is integrated with Google, you only need to sign in using the Google account you have. This makes the registration process easier.

After logging in, you are asked to choose an identity view. Choose according to your needs. If you want your Google Plus to connect with Blog, select Google Plus . Then click Continue to Blogger.

After that you will go to the Welcome page. Click Create New Blog .

Membuat blogger

Type the title of your website in the Title field. It can also be filled with the name of the brand, or also the name of your business. Then type the domain name you want in the Address field. Since it's free, the domain will end in .blogspot.com. You can change it to .com later.

Then select the theme according to what you want. You can also change it later. Then click Create a blog! 

Okay so far your Website Builder has created your first website. But wait, after registration the website that we create will be in the form of a blog. You are required to buy a domain and create a static page first so that the Blogger we create looks like a website.

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