Little bit Forgot? Check out these 6 ways to improve memory

How to Improve Memory – Hello Buddy Turtlebin !! Maybe not a few of you are easy to forget or have difficulty remembering things or events. Besides, for some people, they may still think that this is something normal or normal. However, having a poor memory can still make the person frustrated.

In addition, we often associate this with the factor of increasing age. Because, it is easy to forget or what we often call senile, usually influenced by genetic factors. But in a number of studies show that, diet and lifestyle can also have a big impact on a person's memory.

For that, you have to pay attention to your diet and lifestyle in order to have a good memory. What do you mean by diet and lifestyle? Come on , take a good look at how to improve memory so you don't forget it easily below!

Here's how to improve memory so you don't forget easily

Reported on the Alodokter page , one of the powerful tips you can do to improve memory is by living a healthy lifestyle. What kind of healthy lifestyle is good for improving memory?

1. Pay Attention to Nutritional Intake

The first way to improve memory is to pay attention to the intake of nutrients into your body. Because, your brain certainly needs nutritious food intake to function optimally. Expand to eat foods, such as green vegetables, fish, green tea, and nuts. This, can make your brain function more awake.

In addition, you also have to reduce your sugar intake. Because, in addition to sugar content can cause chronic diseases such as diabetes, it can also reduce memory. In one study showed that excess sugar content can reduce memory and can reduce brain volume.

2. Exercise regularly

The second way to improve memory is by exercising regularly. Regular exercise is also recognized as the right way to improve memory optimally. Because by exercising, blood circulation in your body becomes smoother and increases blood supply to the brain.

In addition, it can also reduce inflammation, encourage the development of new nerve cells, reduce insulin resistance and stimulate the release of biochemical substances that affect brain health. For that, you are advised to do light exercise, such as walking or running for approximately 30 minutes a day.

3. Doing Brain Gym

The third way to improve memory is by doing brain exercises. In addition to maintaining your nutritional intake and exercising regularly, you also need to train your brain so that its ability is maintained. Brain exercises can you do with a number of ways, namely by completing crossword puzzles, playing puzzel , read, play chess, learn to play a musical instrument.

In addition, you can also do brain exercise by doing trivial little things. Such as by tidying personal items and storing them in an orderly manner. This can make your brain more focused, so it can make your memory more awake.

4. Active in Socializing

The fourth way to improve memory is to actively socialize by establishing good communication. Establishing good communication with friends, best friends, and those closest to you is also one way to improve effective memory. Because, being with them is likely to make you free from stress and depression. Just so you know stress and depression are the causes of memory loss.

5. Get Enough Rest

The last way to improve memory is by getting enough rest. In addition to doing the four things above, don't forget to pay attention to your rest time. Because, with adequate rest can play an important role in maintaining and improving memory. Just so you know, when you fall asleep your memory will reconstruct information from things that have happened.

With enough rest will make your body feel fit and avoid stress. In general, at the age of 14-17 years, teenagers need about 8-10 hours of sleep per day. In addition, you should also pay attention to the quality of your sleep so that it can help you to remember and learn something new.

Well, that's 5 ways to improve memory that you can do so you don't forget easily. Hope it is useful!! Keep visiting Turtlebin for interesting and useful information about education. Keep the spirit to achieve your goals, Friend Turtlebin!!

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