Learn From A Pencil

Pencils are usually used for writing . Assemble sentences with a pencil written on a piece of paper. There are many things we can learn from the objects around us. One of them is from an inanimate object called a pencil.

Pencils have many functions for their users. It can also be useful in helping the success of pencil users. Pencil can also take on the role of a key actor in a drama concept written on a piece of paper.

A Pencil

An inanimate object that is useful for writing. Light, small and pointy these things can help you change the world and create civilizations.

To write

Being a pencil has a function to take notes and engrave words in a diary. The scratches can be arranged neatly and beautifully when the writer uses the pencil properly. A pencil can help the writer inscribe his beautiful story on a sheet of paper. Therefore, be someone who is able to spread benefits to others.

Can be deleted

With a pencil you don't have to worry about your writing wrong, because pencils can be erased. It means that as a human you are not immune from wrong attitudes and that can be corrected. Keep scratching the meaning in life, but don't forget to erase it when it's wrong. And come back to improve.

Can be sharpened

A pencil when broken, easily sharpened or sharpened again. This means that every time you fail or your goals are not achieved optimally. Go back to sharpening your determination so that you can make your dreams come true.

Have a different type

Pencils also have different types. Some are colored, some are black ink, some are ordinary. Likewise, the nature and character of humans, have different personalities. In the diversity and uniqueness of each human being is certainly able to live with mutual respect, respect and care. So with different colored pencils, you can create a beautiful and even interesting drawing.

Have scratches

Every pencil is capable of producing strokes. The better the pencil, the thicker the stroke. It means, the more mature and independent you are, the more qualified and useful you should be for others.

Being a pencil is very unique and you will have many benefits in this life. You can help others carve out a beautiful mood or document the pain of a wound. In the future what is engraved by a pencil will be a precious memory for the owner.

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