5 Ways to Know Your Potential, Know Your Talents Early on

How to Know Your Potential – Hello Friend Turtlebin !! Everyone has different potentials or talents in themselves. Self-potential or talent is a person's ability that is likely to be improved for the better. This talent can include the capacity of intelligence, attitude, even personality.

Some people may already have self-potential or outstanding talents since childhood. However, there are not a few people who do not have outstanding talent. For people like this, if not handled properly, it will have a bad impact on them in the future.

Because, by knowing your potential or talent from an early age, you can develop the abilities you have well. This, of course, will be very beneficial for you and the people around you in the future. Even though finding your potential is difficult, you can try in various ways. For that, let's take a good look at how to find out your potential below!

How to Know Your Potential The  Version of Turtlebin

1. Open minded

The first way to find out your potential or talent is to think openly. In this case, you must realize that talent is not always about academics. However, talent can also be a characteristic that you have. In addition, you must also be open to various alternative talent development, not fixated on things that are already common.

You may have potential or talent that many people may not have. Perhaps, what you hear most often is talent in business, or other fields such as music and sports. In addition, other tendencies such as being good at leading, analyzing, and even empathizing with others are also talents that you should explore and hone.

2. Get rid of the fear of failure

The second way to find out your potential or talent is to get rid of the fear of failure. In this case, if your mind is already open, you will no longer be afraid to fail. However, if you still have a fear of failure, you must immediately get rid of it. Because, if you are still afraid of failure, it will most likely make you doubt your talents.

Make failure as a lesson, don't be a barrier for you to continue to explore the potential of your talents and develop them. In addition, to discover your talents, you must assume that failure is a natural thing that occurs in every effort you make. If you are not afraid to fail, then you will use that failure as a lesson and your reason to try to be better.

3. Try various activities

The third way to find out your potential or talent is to try various activities. In this case, after getting rid of the fear of failure you can try to do various new activities. This allows you to know what you like and what doesn't suit you.

Because basically, the potential of or talent is an ability and definitely ability is something that you like or suit you. For that, if you feel like doing something but don't have a good enough ability, then you must continue to hone it. However, if in the end you realize it doesn't suit you, then it's not too late for you to find the talent that is in you.

4. Discussion with the closest people

The fourth way to find out your potential or talent is to discuss it with the closest people. In this case, if you still don't know what talent you have, you can discuss it with the people closest to you. Because, sometimes you yourself don't realize the talent you have, but other people can see it more clearly.

For example, your teacher at school pays attention to you in class and can recognize the potential you have in learning. In addition, your organizational friends who pay attention to you in the organization and can recognize your potential in leading or solving a problem.

Or even your family who is watching you at home and can recognize your potential in skills, cooking, or caring for young children or the elderly and even pets. Don't be shy to ask, because maybe you can see your potential or talent from someone else's perspective.

5. Do a self-potential test

The last way to find out your potential or talent is to do a self-potential test. You can do this test, starting from fingerprint and image analysis, or a personality test at a psychologist. According to one psychologist by determining the personality and tendencies we have we can also determine the things that suit us.

For example, you tend to have a dominant personality, so you are more suitable in fields that require leadership and critical thinking such as journalism. Or maybe you have the ability to communicate and empathize with others, so you can work on public relations or psychology.

That's 5 ways to know our potential or talents that we have. By knowing your talent as early as possible, you don't have to worry about it in the future. Hope it is useful! For other interesting and useful information, you can continue to visit Turtlebin and don't forget to keep your spirits up, Friend Turtlebin.

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