What to do ? when our account is hacked

The year 2021 is the year in which almost everyone in this part of the world is familiar with the internet. And it is certain, especially the younger generation, are very active in communicating remotely using the Internet as a means to stay connected, social media services such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are very widely used by the world community.

Based on my experience in pursuing IT, many people who ask me ask questions that are actually not appropriate to be asked. This is not purely a question of curiosity, but a question similar to doing magic like the Harry Potter movies. That is the question that reads "how to break into people's facebook?", or like "how to get our account back that has been hacked by people".  It's really a question like this is very inappropriate to ask because for logical reasons, Facebook is a big company that definitely hires the best employees in their fields to maintain stability and security with an insane budget.

So why did your account get hacked? Well, actually the case of your account being hacked is your own fault, which means it's a mistake beyond the responsibility of the company. It could be that your account was taken over because you didn't maintain your account security properly, your password is very easy to guess, or you registered your Facebook password with your other accounts so that if you break into one account, hackers can take your Facebook account too. have the same password.

So can an account that has already been conceded be retrieved?, the answer is maybe it can if you did the correct SOP at the time of registration and the contact credentials linked to your account are active, so when you want to reset your facebook password, you really can. send a token page to fix your lost account.

Instead of asking how to restore a hacked account or break into someone's account, it is better for us to learn to understand the concept of privacy and security in social media on the internet. Because by knowing the basics, at least a little can help us get out of complaints - questions that shouldn't be asked. Maybe you often ask for help from hackers in cyberspace or people you know, but believe me the solution they provide is the same as the SOP that social media companies give to account owners, namely the password reset page. Many Indonesian netizens digress and every now and then instead of us asking and asking for help here and there, we have to fix our way of thinking and do everything ourselves.

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