track someone's ip with canary token

Turtlebin - Sometimes in cyberspace we often meet people who do harmful abuse. Whether it's in the form of sara politics, harassment, defamation or a mode of fraud that makes us uncomfortable. I'd love to know where they are, but we don't have deep expertise on that. Don't worry, it's actually very simple and easy.

Canary Tokens  is a site that provides online tokens for you to use to track someone. The way it works is very simple, you just enter your email and get your own permanent token. Then send a link, document or domain url shortener to the target you want to track after that the panel immediately issues the ISP location on the google map. Although this location is not accurate, at least the IP address you get from your target can be used for lawsuits for abuse that he did.

Well first of all you have to visit the Canary tokens website .

In the column you just fill in the data and choose the method you want to use in tracking someone. In this case I entered the email, and used the fake url option.

After that you just press create my token then you will be taken to the panel as shown below.

Then you just copy the text in the text box and send it to the target you want to track. In the example, I will open it myself on my computer. Then then press manage my token.

After pressing manage my token you will be taken to a panel as shown below. After that there will be a notification that the token has been triggered once, so you only need to press history. The one I circled in blue is the url you should pass to your target. It's up to you to share it through what, it can be whatsapp, facebook and so on.

Then you will see the location that has been tracked from the link we sent earlier as shown below. You will also receive an email notification if someone clicks on your link.

You can also create this canary token with various options, the steps are almost the same as the steps above.

Easy isn't it?, that's how to expose someone's location with a link. Hopefully this short tutorial is useful and can be used properly. Thank you.

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