how to install windows from flash ( Flashdisk )

 Turtlebin - In short, bootable is a storage media that supports the boot process. Sometimes we often download OS on the internet in ISO form, of course to make it usable we have to convert the ISO to bootable form first by using a certain program. This time I will use Rufus as an application to create a bootable flash disk.

The first step is that you must have the ISO you want to burn, and of course the Rufus application you can search for on google.

When finished downloading run the Rufus application.

After that press the select button and select the ISO you want to make bootable on your drive. For example here I am using Windows 7 ISO.

After that just press the start button, and press yes to continue.

finished it will look like the image below. You just pull out your flash disk and just use it for OS installation purposes.

After that you just set the boot menu in the bios and position your bootable drive to be the first. Then you will be taken to the OS installation page that you have burned. That's a tutorial from me, I hope it's useful.

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