what is a data breach

turtlebin - The development of the human era is very dependent on the internet, especially social media, of course cases of hacking and IT sabotage occur a lot. For this reason, we must always maintain and protect the privacy of our account, so that it does not leak so that later unauthorized use can be avoided.

Lately, cases of hacking databases of large companies are rife, malicious hackers then sell the data on dark sites or expose it to the public. This data is sometimes used for political purposes, intelligence or the use of illegal transactions with credit cards or e-commerce. Companies that have been the target of hacking such as Tokopedia and Bukalapak, for example, were hacked in 2019 and 2020. If you have registered on a site that has been hacked, it means that there is a possibility that your data has been exposed to the public or sold on dark forums. 

Actually there are many more large sites that are affected by major hacks, which are later abused. Like Adobe in 2013, Canva, Edmodo and so on. But don't worry, we can find out how to make sure our data has been a victim of hacking or not.

Haveibeenpwned.com is a site that actively reports and reports data leaks, you can access the site then enter your email address. 

For example, I enter an email here, and the site shows an indication of a leak.

Even ironically, the email I entered had a plaintext leak that could be seen by many. Cash on the pastebin, the email and password are written there along with the data - the data of other users who also leaked with this email.

Luckily, pastebin together with the cyber police have deleted the data, but still the data has leaked. It could be not only on pastebin but also on the darknet which is a place for buying and selling illegal data for intelligence purposes and political campaigns.

To tackle this, for fear of unauthorized account abuse, I suggest you change the account password from sites associated with your email periodically.

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