Tips for Surfing the Internet Safely


Tips for Surfing the Internet Safely

Currently the internet is growing rapidly and some even consider the internet as a basic need such as food. The internet certainly has several problems such as internet security. Because when browsing on the internet we will be prone to theft of data or information that is privacy.

Here are some tips to be safe when surfing the internet:

Avoid Using Public Computers

When using the internet try to avoid public or public computers that can be used by anyone. If you are forced to use a public computer, try not to access sites, services, applications or other personal matters, especially financial-related activities such as financial or banking transactions. Avoiding the use of this public computer because we do not know what programs exist or the computer has installed a device that can endanger our privacy such as what Keylogger we type will be recorded, or Record the appearance of the computer screen and so on.

Avoid Using Public Wifi

Nowadays, quite a few wifi services are available in public places and it seems as if inviting us to connect to the wifi is good to save quota because the wifi is free. Public wifi is also vulnerable to security because wifi security is not noticed by the service provider or people who intentionally create wifi with the aim of getting wifi user data. Public wifi is not recommended to be used for private activities because someone could do data snooping or sniffing to see what sites are opened and get data from our login information.

Different Password for Each Account

Try a different password or password for each account you have. It is indeed complicated and also prone to forgetting the password, but currently there are several applications that facilitate managing your account password. Indeed, security is inversely proportional to convenience, if you want to be more secure, of course you have to remember it yourself.

Two-Factor Authentication

Currently, many service providers make it easy to use two-factor authentication. This security system does make it more complicated when we want to enter, for example we need to check incoming SMS or with others. So with this two-factor authentication, it allows us to enter not only with a username and password but also requires confirmation from a phone number, email or something else.

Update Browser

Also make sure you are using the latest browser. Updates to a browser are not only limited to adding features but also increasing security in accordance with existing cyber attack trends. Therefore, when there is an update, it would not hurt us to update it.

Strong Password Combination

When we create passwords, try to make passwords longer than eight characters by using a mixture of capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols so that our passwords are difficult for others to guess and also avoid brute force attacks . Also avoid easy-to-guess passwords such as date of birth, hobbies, school name, place of birth, spouse's name, try to create a password that is not identical to yourself. Also read the post on tips for making strong passwords .

Pay attention to the URL

When we visit a site or link from the internet, pay attention to the url address, if the url address is not recognized and needs to enter personal information, be careful this could be phishing . For example, the display is the same as facebook login but the url address is not the same, for example fac3b00k.com while we know that the official site of facebook is facebook.com so it can be concluded that the site is a phishing site that resembles facebook so that we are tricked by it and we log in there. Also pay attention to the link starting with https and the padlock symbol.

The more secure we are on the internet, of course, it is proportional to the more complicated we are to use the internet, for example, during the login process we need to type a password which is quite complicated because the combination of passwords and passwords are different for each account so that we are also prone to forgetting, not to mention the addition of two-factor authentication and so on. This is like having a door at home that has a lock on the door, plus a padlock, plus a slot so that it takes more time and hassle to open it. Yes, this is security, the easier it is to access it, the bigger the gap for irresponsible people to take advantage of.

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