6 Fast Ways to Improve Your Alexa Rank

How to Improve Alexa Rank. At this time I will share with you 6 way through which you can improve your blog or website Alexa ranking, but before discussing I would like to introduce you with what alexa rank is.

What is Alexa rank? 

Alexa rank is a website that has the domain www.alexa.com, this site is a conduit or part of Amazon, which was released early November 2014 and is intended as a marketing tool that analyzes all traffic on an existing website / blog to rank how popular the site is with other sites.

Now for that without lingering any longer, here's how to improve Alexa rank on your website quickly.

1. Share Your Site Links to Social Networks
Sharing your site's links to social networks can improve your site's ranking on alexa, this way in order to attract attention for social media users to visit your site and thus your site's traffic will be recorded on the alexa traffic monitoring bot .

2. Create Backlinks to Sites With Good Alexa Rank
This method also works to improve alexa rank, by creating backlinks on sites that have good alexa rank so that it will form a pyramid link on your site.

3. Continue to Create Content
Another factor that is most useful is continuing to create content on the site, and this method is clearly proven to quickly improve the Alexa rank of the site.

4. Promote Your Site
Another effective way to improve alexa rank is through promotion or advertising, so that your site will be more popular and therefore improving the rank of your site.

5. Submit Your Site to Search Engines
This method is also useful because by registering with the site's webmaster, both your website and your content will be on search engines like, google, bing, yahoo, aol etc., so that the site will be visited more and become more popular.

6. Optimize SEO
In order for the site to appear on the main page of the search engine, SEO optimization is needed to bring in more visitors so that the popularity of the site will increase and will quickly improve Alexa rank.

Now that's a quick way to improve alexa rank, hopefully it can help you in your strategy to improve your alexa ranking.
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