Avoid these foods at breakfast

Food – Hello Turtlebin Friends! Have you had breakfast this morning? Make sure to start this morning with a nutrient-rich breakfast menu, buddy. Remember, in the morning prioritize breakfast, not expectations. Haha.

A good breakfast menu determines our productivity level for the next day. Therefore, in addition to knowing what foods are good for breakfast, we also have to know which foods to avoid at breakfast. Reporting from Suara.com , here is a list of foods that are not recommended to be consumed at breakfast:

List of foods not recommended for breakfast

1. Sweet Breads

Sweet breads such as donuts, biscuits, bagelens, muffins, croissants and the like should not be used as the main menu at breakfast. This type of food contains a lot of sugar and fat. The sweet taste of sugar makes us feel full faster, but makes us feel hungry again before lunch time arrives.

In addition, too much sugar and fat content makes these foods high in calories but lacking in nutritional quality. That way, this type of pastry is better served as a snack.

2. Sweet Juice

Many varieties of packaged fruit juices claim to be sugar-free products that are good for breakfast. But surely these products have other ingredients as sweeteners such as fructose sugar, dyes and even preservatives.

As a breakfast companion, a good fruit menu is one that is high in fiber content such as apples. The fruit can also be processed into juice, provided that the composition of the added sugar is considered. Fruit juice that is processed yourself will definitely be healthier and maintain its nutritional content.

3. Low Fiber Cereals

Some commercials for cereal products feature whole grain content in their advertisements. As wise consumers, we should see for ourselves the nutritional content in it. Most cereals on the market are actually low in fiber content. Especially cereals for children that have a variety of colors and shapes. Also pay attention to the milk mixture used, don't use sweetened condensed milk, friend.

4. Processed Meat

Consuming processed meat as a breakfast menu can increase the risk of obesity. This is because every processed meat contains a lot of saturated fat. Processed meats such as sausages and nuggets should not be the main menu for breakfast. To be used as a companion menu, it is recommended not to use it too often.

5. Excess carbohydrates

In Indonesia, we often encounter breakfast menus with excess carbohydrate content. Such as Nasi Uduk, Vermicelli and Gorengan, some even added potato fried chili sauce. Let's check again, the rice uduk itself is high in carbohydrates, plus vermicelli which also comes from rice. Finally added with fried foods that are high in fat. Of course, this type of breakfast has an unbalanced nutritional content.

If you are already used to breakfast with rice uduk, it is better to combine it with side dishes that are rich in protein and vegetables, don't forget to also add fruits.

From now on, take a look at our respective breakfast menus. Don't just prioritize feeling full at breakfast without paying attention to the nutritional content in it. So, who did you have breakfast with this morning? Eh, what does that mean?

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