12 Benefits of Mahogany Fruit For Health


12 Benefits of Mahogany Fruit for health - Mahogany or in Latin Swietenia macrophylla king is one of the large tree species originating from the West Indies which can grow up to 30 meters high with a trunk diameter of more than one meter. However, the quality of the wood is still below teak wood.

We often see mahogany trees have been widely used for greenery on roadsides in various cities because they are able to absorb pollution very well. The mahogany fruit is shaped like a brown egg with a hard skin.

The benefits of this mahogany fruit may be less popular than the wood part which is more widely used to make furniture and household furniture. However, the efficacy of mahogany fruit can not be underestimated, especially for use in the field of medicine.

Mahogany fruit turns out to be very beneficial for health. This is because the fruit contains active compounds. Among them are the content of flavonoids, alkaloids, saponins , and other types of phytochemicals.

Benefits of Mahogany Fruit in Healing Diseases

The nutritional and mineral content contained in this mahogany fruit is quite unique so that it can complement the consumption of other fruits. Here are some of the benefits of mahogany for health and cure diseases.

1. Supplements for the Body

Rich in nutrients and phytochemicals, mahogany fruit is very useful to meet the needs of our body. This fruit can be used as a supplement that is consumed regularly but not too often.

2. Increase Immunity for the Body

The active compounds contained in mahogany fruit are rich in antioxidants which are very effective in warding off free radicals and boosting the immune system for the body. This compound is also very useful for protecting the body from various bacterial and viral attacks.

3. Increase Appetite

Good news for those of you who have a thin body and children who have difficulty eating. This mahogany fruit is also useful for increasing appetite. This function is like a bitter herbal medicine in general which is able to stimulate the appetite to increase.

4. Relieves Fever (body heat)

The content of compounds in mahogany fruit is effective in relieving and overcoming fever. Therefore, if your body feels feverish for various reasons, immediately consume this fruit to relieve it.

5. Cure colds or flu

For those of you who are experiencing flu and nasal congestion, you should not need to take chemical-based flu medicine. Try consuming mahogany fruit which is effective for dealing with colds and nasal congestion.

6. Overcoming Constipation when defecating

Constipation disorders, difficult bowel movements, or constipation are often experienced by many people. The benefits of mahogany fruit are effective in relieving and curing these various disorders.

7. Cure Eczema

The phytochemical content in mahogany which is antibacterial and antifungal is also effective in relieving and overcoming itching due to eczema. Enough with the collision of this fruit and smeared on the skin affected by eczema.

8. Improve Blood Circulation

Rich in flavonoids and saponins , mahogany fruit is also useful in improving blood circulation and metabolism in the body. Smooth blood flow is very good for maintaining heart health and preventing stroke.

9. Controls Blood Sugar

The content of saponins in mahogany serves to reduce and control blood sugar levels in the body. Even consuming this fruit extract can be useful for preventing diabetes.

10. Benefits of Mahogany Fruit for women

The benefits of mahogany fruit for women are also many. Among them to increase female fertility or overcome pain during menstruation (menstruation). By drinking mahogany fruit extract to taste.

11. Cure rheumatic diseases

Pain disorders in muscles or joints due to rheumatism can also be overcome by consuming mahogany fruit. You can process this herbal fruit as a treatment from the outside by smearing it or consuming its fruit extract.

12. Prevents Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's disease that attacks the brain can also be prevented with mahogany fruit. The active compound content of this fruit is able to protect the brain, including preventing senility.

Those are the various benefits of mahogany fruit which are very efficacious in overcoming various health problems. However, in order not to cause adverse mahogany side effects, you should limit its consumption.

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