Why Hackers Use Linux


Why Hackers Choose to Use Linux? - Linux is one of the  well-known Operating Systems but, you could say there are still few users. Whereas in terms of security, features, and others, Linux is superior to other operating systems.

5 Reasons Hackers Choose Linux

Because to operate Linux is not easy, users prefer to perate  other operating systems than Linux, Windows is  one of them.

However, linux is a  favorite operating system for hackers . Why is that?

Here are 5 reasons hackers prefer Linux over other operating systems.

1. Open Source

Linux is a free operating system that is 100% open source. That means, all the code to create a Linux OS you can get for free. You can also find millions of types of Linux OS made by various people from all over the world. You can also easily modify the OS source code as needed. Plus, most of the applications that run on this operating system are also open source and very profitable. Almost all applications found on Windows, there is an alternative on Linux. With this system, of course, it is very easy for you to develop software according to what you need.

2. Stabilitas

It is undeniable, Windows computers, generally require a large processor and VGA, to make the OS work optimally. But not for Linux. Linux is designed to be very light, so you can barely even tell the difference between a computer with high or low specifications. As explained earlier, with a variety of free software made by various developers, Linux is certainly the best choice in finding the most stable software. Even though the software is free, you can pay the developers to develop it.

3. Superior Security

Linux has a security system that is superior to Windows. It can be said that all Windows users must have been exposed to viruses, spyware, trojans, adware and the like. This is almost impossible on Linux. If there is a virus that infects a certain user, it will be very difficult to infect and spread to other users.

4. Support Multiple Programming Languages

There are many programming languages. Maybe what ordinary people know is only HTML and CSS. But besides that, there are actually many other programming languages, such as C++, Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl and many more. Please note, to run a variety of programming languages   like this is very difficult. But not for Linux. On Linux, you can use all of them. For those of you who don't understand much about programming, don't expect you to like it.

5. Complete Hacking Tools

A hacker, has many ways to penetrate into the target with a specific purpose. By using Linux, the tools needed by a hacker are complete, and made by experts in their fields. Such as NMAP tools, WhiteShark, Hydra, SQLmap, and others. That way, hackers can carry out their actions smoothly.

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