How to Hack WiFi Without an Application 2021, Guaranteed Safe!

Internet is something that you must have in your daily life. To access WiFi, there are actually a lot of places you can find it. But unfortunately not all WiFi that you find you can access for free. Of course, almost all WiFi has a password. However, how to hack WiFi password without an app?

In the current era, it seems that the internet has become a basic need for every human being in this life. Because the internet itself has become a basic need, to have internet, you can use the WiFi that is around you.

High internet access is usually on WiFi which is quite expensive. That's why not everyone can get WiFi with good speed. With a stable and fast internet, you can be more productive in doing any activity. This is proven because you can find a lot of knowledge on the internet.

To break into WiFi there are various ways that you can use. There are ways that use the app and there are also ways that you don't have to use the app. Some cafes provide WiFi passwords. But unfortunately you have to buy something first. 

In public areas, WiFi has a very fast speed. This is because of course the WiFi owner who is also the owner of a restaurant or other public place wants his customers to be in his place for a long time.

you're outside, you can hack WiFi that is locked with a password. You can break into WiFi without having to use an app, but there's not only one way.

How to Hack Wifi Password Without Application

In this article, we will discuss how you can hack WiFi easily without having to use an app. Sometimes the apps you find on playstore or appstore don't live up to your expectations.

1. Configure IP Address

When you are in a public space, surely you will often find WiFi under the name WiFi.id in various places. This WiFi is WiFi available from the indihome provider. You can get a password by buying a WiFi.id package in the existing application. However, there are ways that you can follow so that you can get them for free.

How to hack WiFi without this application quickly on Android is very easy. First, you just have to turn on the WiFi feature on your gadget to search for Indihome's WiFi.id. You can connect your gadget to any WiFi point with this title WiFi.id.

Then, you can try to connect the gadget you have with the WiFi.id point that you find. Usually you will be able to connect easily but a pop-up window will appear asking you to enter your account name and password. You usually get these two things when you buy an available WiFi.id package.

After that, you can choose Modify Network Configuration which you can find after the pop-up appears. Then, you can start running the @WiFi.id IP address by changing the IP Address. 

In general, you will find the IP address or IP Address with the words You can change the address to http//: at the top of the address field or address.

The next thing that happens is that you will exit the existing pop-up window. If you get a page that asks for a username and password, you can fill it with ADMIN or USER in both username and password fields. You must fill in the username and password fields with the same name.

The next more challenging way to hack wifi without an application is to use the command prompt or CMD on a Windows 10 laptop or PC. However, this method will be more effective if you use a laptop. As usual, the first thing you can do is find which WiFi you want to hack. Then, you can connect your laptop to the network.

After that, you can open the command prompt by pressing the window key and the letter R. When the dialog box appears, you can type cmd and press enter on the keyboard. After entering the command prompt, you can enter the command “netsh wlan show profile” then press enter.

The next step is to enter the command “netsh wlan display (WiFi name) key = clear”. After that, you just have to look for a connection with the same name and you can enter the password that you found after saving it earlier. Now, you will find the password of your targeted WiFi.

You can find the password under the line or the words 'Key Content'. After that, you will have to search for the connection with the same name and also enter the password from the information you found earlier.

Well, that's information about how to hack WiFi without an application on Android and a Laptop or PC using Windows 10. Now, you can enjoy free internet from a super fast WiFi connection.

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