How to Use Music Party on Oppo A16


turtlebin.com - Music Party is a mandatory application that is present in almost every line of Oppo smartphones, one of which is the A series. One of the A series smartphones that has the Music Party feature is the Oppo A16.

For your information, Music Party is an application that allows you to play music on several Oppo smartphones at once. The default application from ColorOS allows you to create a new party with your own music playlist or join an existing party. If Music Party is not on your Oppo phone, then you can download it at the Oppo Store.

For Oppo A16 users, have you tried using Music Party to listen to music on your smartphone? This time Selular.ID provides how to use Music Party on the Oppo A16 smartphone.

Here's how to use Music Party on the Oppo A16 smartphone.

First, of course, you have to open the Music Party application first.
Then select Create a Party.

Then select Connect via Personal Hotspot or Connect via Wi-Fi, then click Next. Make sure you and your friends use the same Wi-Fi connection or use a personal hotspot belonging to one of your friends to be able to access the Party.

Next, a Party QR Code will appear and share the code with every friend who uses an Oppo smartphone as well.
On the other device, select Join a Party and scan the QR Code to enter the Party room.
Next add your favorite music by pressing the + icon on the top left corner of your Oppo phone screen.
Click the Play button to play the song, it will be heard at once on other devices connected to the Party.

After that, the event to listen to a music concert with your friends was realized with Music Party. Hopefully these tips can help Oppo A16 users to listen to music through Music Party.

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