5 ways to be financially safe from hacker attacks


turtlebin.com - Understanding cyber security is very important in today's new mass. We, as active users of digital services, must understand what the pattern of friendly behavior of our informal protection in the online area is seen.

In addition, cyber attacks are increasingly oriented, the most disturbing, of course, if they threaten the financial kingdom. For those world health organization, you want to be free of this threat,

Here are some  Kaspersky practices that you can do to increase your online financial security:

  • Have a temporary credit card

The cybercriminals have developed such sophisticated techniques and malware that can sometimes frustrate their best efforts to buy securely online.

To implement another measure, you can use a temporary credit card to make online shopping, instead of the main credit card. Check with your credit card company if it is possible to obtain a temporary credit card number.

However, if possible, avoid using this type of credit card for any purchase that requires automatic renewal or regular payments.

If a credit card is not possible, the alternative is to use a credit card with a low credit limit.

  • Computer dedicated for online banking and shopping.

If you have more than one computer, it may be possible to adjust the patterns of use of your computer devices at home. So it points to a dedicated device only for Internet browsing, downloading files, verifying email, social networks and other online activities.

And a device only to access things that are new to privacy, such as access to banking, for example. That way, you effectively keep your computer clean and free computer viruses and other infections.

For greater security in secure online purchases, with HTTPS / SSL. 

  • Use a personalized email address

This will greatly limit the amount of spam messages it receives and significantly reduce your risk of exposure to malicious emails disguised as sales releases or other notifications.

  • Manage and protect passwords online

Less important nomor is, of course, the need to have a solid and different password for each online account. Of course, we understand that it can be very difficult to remember as many different passwords, especially if they consist of many letters, numbers and special characters.

But it is a must, so the suggestion is to use a password manager to help store solid passwords for several accounts.

  • Use VPN.

If you should absolutely buy online while in Wii Fi, first install a VPN solution (virtual private network).

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