How to take care of a laptop to be durable

Ke & Ku - In this prolonged pandemic, laptops have become a major necessity for almost all Indonesians. Because during the pandemic, laptops are used to do all online activities at home such as work and study.

The average laptop user uses this device almost a full day during the pandemic. Of course there needs to be special care so that your laptop remains durable. Now the Cellular Editor provides ways to care for laptops to make them durable.

Here's how to care for a laptop so that it lasts.

1. Clean the laptop regularly

Cleanliness of the laptop can support the performance of the laptop and make the laptop more durable. Because dust stuck to the keyboard or small ports on the laptop can affect the performance of the laptop. Therefore, clean the laptop regularly. Clean the laptop with a soft cloth to clean the screen and laptop surface.

For the keyboard and laptop ports, you can use a small brush to clean them. In addition, you can also clean the keyboard and laptop ports with a mini vacuum cleaner.

2. Don't put the laptop carelessly

If you want to take a laptop with you when you are traveling, you should use a special bag designed for laptops. Do not use any bag that does not have a special pad for a laptop. Because a special laptop bag can provide maximum protection for a laptop, especially when the bag containing the laptop is dropped.

Even so, do not put a bag containing a laptop in any place, especially in public places. Bad things can happen, for example, the laptop bag is occupied by someone else.

3. Laptop charger is off

Pay attention to the condition of the battery in using the laptop. Do not recharge the laptop battery in 0% condition. We recommend that the laptop charger before approaching 0%.

If you recharge the laptop battery in 0% condition, of course it will damage the battery. In the charging process, the laptop should be turned off and do not use the laptop during the charger process.

4. Don't force the laptop to work hard

When buying a notebook, you must adjust your needs to the specifications of the laptop. What's more, on the market today there are various laptops for various segments. Starting from gaming, heavy work such as video editing, routine work, to daily needs. If you need a laptop for gaming or video editing, choose a notebook that has high specifications to support these activities.

Do not force a notebook with low specifications to do heavy work. Because if this is done, of course it will affect the performance of your laptop so that it will shorten the life of your laptop.

5. Install antivirus and update antivirus frequently

Antivirus software is needed to protect your laptop from viruses and hackers. The purchase of a laptop usually includes a built-in antivirus software. If antivirus software is not included, then you can buy antivirus software at a trusted retail store or on the official website.

Do not download antivirus carelessly. If you download an antivirus on any website and not on the official website, you don't get protection, but a dangerous virus attack that you receive.

In addition, do not download any software, especially on untrusted websites. Because software and applications that are not clear will make your laptop get a virus. We recommend that you update your antivirus regularly to provide maximum protection for your laptop.

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