How to Choose a Slick Smartphone for Photographing Ornamental Plant Objects

Ke & Ku - The Covid-19 pandemic has forced most people to carry out their work from home.

Even though working from home sounds fun, in fact many also feel bored and actually experience stress.

To get rid of boredom, people find a number of new activities or hobbies when they are more active at home. One of the activities that is currently being carried out by the public is the cultivation of ornamental plants.

There are three groups of ornamental plants, namely flower ornamental plants, fruit ornamental plants, and leaf ornamental plants.

The activity of growing ornamental plants or gardening is a powerful "medicine" to reduce feelings of depression or stress. With gardening, our bodies feel more relaxed, so the mind becomes calmer.

Not only pleasing to the eye, several types of ornamental plants are also effective as air purifiers. In addition, gardening ornamental plants can be  quality time  for yourself. You can learn new things about plant growth, from leaf buds to blooms.

You can also pack this planting activity with short content such as photos and short videos, for example about tips or tricks on how to choose plant seeds, determine planting media, and give the right fertilizer.

You can even gather a community of ornamental plant enthusiasts to share experiences with each other by creating YouTube content or  podcasts .

If you are a beginner content creator, then you can try with photos first or videos with a short duration.

You can use smartphone devices   such as the Oppo A16 which has a 13MP main camera, a 2MP bokeh camera, and a 2MP macro camera.

This phone adjusts color levels manually or applies one of the seven   available filters , namely  Warm, Mist, Country, Travel, Food, Film , and  Autumn  which can be used when photographing plants.

In addition, the Macro feature is perfect for capturing close objects such as photographing flowers or leaves. Meanwhile,  Dazzle Color  makes objects have a more vibrant color appearance.

You also don't have to worry about creating ornamental plant-themed content all day using the Oppo A16.

Yes, this phone is equipped with a 5000mAh battery which will provide 34 hours of call time or 21.02 hours of non-stop YouTube video playback when the battery is fully charged 100%.

In addition to maintaining user safety, Oppo also provides overcharge  and  over-discharge protection   which will prevent overcharging the battery.

So armed with a  smartphone  like the Oppo A16, you will not feel bored at home anymore. Instead, you can create photo or video content about ornamental plants that might attract many visitors to your social media pages.

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