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How to Increase Photo Resolution Without Breaking - Almost everyone already features a smartphone device, especially an Android smartphone. it's one among the foremost popular electronic devices today. one among the explanations could also be because the device is provided with various advanced features in it which will facilitate various daily activities of users. including the support of varied additional applications that further expand the functionality of the Android phone. Users can download various applications with their respective functions easily through the Google Play Store.

One of the functions of an Android cellphone is to take photos and videos. Android devices are already equipped with camera features that make it easier for users to take pictures. For the photos and videos themselves, they are very good, many even equate their shots with photos from DSLR cameras or other types of cameras. Photos and videos that have been taken can be further refined with the editing feature on an Android phone. There are also additional applications that will maximize the photo and video editing activity.

Talking about photo files, sometimes we find old photos whose resolution is quite low. Because the low resolution makes photos less clear when previewed or broken. So, is there a way to clarify the unclear and blurry photos? Of course there is, namely by increasing the resolution of the photo. However, increasing the size of the photo sometimes makes the photo break so that it looks even more unkempt. Don't panic right away, because there are ways to increase photo resolution without breaking through an Android phone that can be done easily. You can read more information below!

How to Increase Photo Resolution Without Shattering on an Android Phone

To increase the size of the photo without breaking through an Android phone, there are at least 2 methods that you can apply. The two methods in question are to increase the resolution of the photo with an application and without an additional application. Each of these methods has its own advantages, it's just up to you which method you want to use. As for how to increase photo resolution without breaking on an Android cellphone, in full, as follows:

1. Increase Photo Resolution with Third-Party Apps

The easiest thanks to increase the dimensions of a photograph without breaking it's to use a further application.. There are many choices of applications that you can use to implement this method. One of the photo resolution enlargement applications on Android you can use is called Waifu2x.

Waifu2x is an application to double the size of an image or photo on Android developed by Nut Software. Actually Waifu2x was first present within the website version. However, due to the large number of users who requested to present it in a mobile application version, the developer finally made it.

How to use the Waifu2x application to increase the size of a photo is very easy. Here are the steps you can apply, namely:

  • The first step is to download and install the Waifu2x application on your Android phone.
  • If so, now you run the application .
  • On the main page of the application, you click the Select Image button and then select the photo you want to increase the size or resolution.
  • Here you can customize photos first so that the enlarged photos are better and don't break. In the Noise Reduction section you can set it to the High option . This is done in order that the noise within the photo is reduced.
  • Next set the photo size in the Scale section , selecting 2X to double the photo size.
  • If so, then you click the Convert button . Here you can also change the photo format to JPG or PNG.
  • Finished.

In addition to using the Waifu2x application, you can also use other applications to increase the size of the photo. The results may vary, because each application has its own features to increase the resolution of this photo. Applications to increase photo resolution on other androids that you can use are Lit Photo and Remini.

2. Enlarge Photo Resolution Without Additional Applications

Another alternative to increase the resolution of the image without breaking it is to go through a special website. Using this method, you not got to install additional applications on your Android smartphone. This method is very suitable to be applied if your Android phone does not have enough space to install additional applications.

The complete steps to increase photo resolution without additional applications on Android are:

  • The first step is to open the browser on your Android phone. You can use any browser, be it Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, UC Browser or so on.
  • Next you visit a photo magnifying site called Waifu2x . This is indeed the website version of the Waifu2x app described above.
  • On the site page, you click the Choose File button . Then find and select the photo or image that you want to change the resolution to make it bigger.
  • Now you just need to make adjustments so that the photos look good. In the Noise Reduction section , you select the High option so that the results are better. Then in the Scale section , you set it to the 2X option .
  • Verify Not a Robot from Google first.
  • If it is successful, then you click on the Waifu2x button under the verification, not the Google robot earlier.
  • Then you just need to download the enlarged image.
  • Finished.

Besides the Waifu2X site, another alternative that you can use to increase the size of your photos without breaking is a site called Let's Enhance . Just like Waifu2X, this site is also free for you to use.


Those were two ways to increase photo resolution without breaking on an Android cellphone that you can try to apply yourself. Don't forget to share this information on your personal social media accounts.

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