How To Use LinkedIn Marketing For Your Business


If you need professional networking, then LinkedIn Marketing is the right choice. With 450 million LinkedIn users worldwide, and the addition of 2 new users every second. If you know how to use LinkedIn Marketing, it will be very beneficial to support your business.

Although many use LinkedIn for personal branding, online resume creation, networking, and job searching. However, LinkedIn is in fact much more than that. LinkedIn can be a strong channel for content marketing. So how do you do it? This article will discuss how to use LinkedIn Marketing.

How to Use LinkedIn Marketing

For business owners, look at the following ways to use LinkedIn Marketing to build good relationships with professionals, vendors, clients and potential customers.

1. Build Network Wide
Your success on LinkedIn has a strong relationship with how big a network you have. This is the reason why you must be an active and initiative person when looking for potential connections for the advancement of your business. If you find it strange to greet someone you just met, you can send a simple message like "Hello, we met / chatted at an event / place and I want to add you to my network connection".

2. Uploading Great Content
As previously explained, LinkedIn can be a strong channel for content marketing interests, so that your credibility and branding will be even stronger.

Like a blog, you can add written content to your LinkedIn page. It's important to remember to write about something that really relates to your business, something that provides a solution, and something that other people are looking for.

According to Kevan Lee, Content Crafter Buffer, there are 5 types of content that are perfect for uploading on LinkedIn:
  1. Content Regarding Industry Insights.
  2. The writing structure is a list post.
  3. Include a link.
  4. Questions / pictures.
  5. Share videos.
3. Forming a Group
A group can be one of the most appropriate ways to focus your target market and explode product sales on LinkedIn. If you already have a group, we recommend that you fill the information fields and other fields completely. Then invite people who you think have the potential for your business. After that, you can start a discussion or appoint someone to become an influencer in the discussion group that you created.
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