6 Ways to Get Backlinks to Increase Website Ranking


Are you looking for ways to get backlinks? If yes, then this article can help you. Building backlinks is currently still one way you can increase web rankings on search engine pages. With a good ranking, your website will get high web traffic so that the chances of conversion will also be greater.

Getting backlinks from many websites is not easy. You also have to make sure that the backlink is quality so that it can have a positive impact on your website. Before you know how to get backlinks, it's good if you know what backlinks are and how they work.

What is a Backlink? Why Does It Affect Web Ranking?

Backlinks are links on external websites that lead to your website. Backlinks are also known as external backlinks or inbound links.

Search engines will consider every backlink that leads to your website as an indication that your website has a quality that many people trust. The more backlinks you get, the higher your web ranking will be on search pages. Even so, you still have to pay attention that the backlinks you get are of good quality.

Quality backlinks can be obtained from websites that have good performance and have content that is relevant to your web content. Quality links have a more important role than the quantity of links. A number of links obtained legally from official websites will do a lot better for your web ranking than the dozens of links you get from spammy sites.

You also need to be careful because excessive use of links is one of the causes of getting Google Penalty. Google penalizes websites that manipulate its algorithms such as by buying links, engaging in excessive link exchanges, or using programs to generate automated links.

Then how do you get quality backlinks? Here's the information for you.


6 Ways to Get Backlinks

1. Create quality content or articles
The first step that can be taken as a way to get backlinks is to provide quality content. Providing useful content will open up opportunities to get more backlinks. You need to know, web bloggers and other website owners will also direct backlinks if the content you provide has value, is unique, and is relevant to their website.

To make it easier to get backlinks, there are several types of content that often get backlinks from other websites, namely:
  • Content that offers detailed advice or instructions. You can write articles like " How to Make a Good Bug Report ?". This article can be posted by other websites engaged in technology or the web for developers.
  • Quizzes can also get lots of backlinks because the content is fun. But keep in mind, the quiz you make must be relevant to the content of your website.
  • Statistical or fun fact content also often gets backlinks because the content contains useful information for many people.
2. Start Guest Blogging
Gust blogging can also be a way to get quality backlinks. You can search for professional websites or blogs that accept guest blogging. Guest blogging or guest posting is the act of writing content for another website. Guest blogging can also be a way to introduce your website to a new audience. With guest blogging, you can create content for other websites and links that lead to your own website.

3. Create an infographic
In addition to creating in-depth content, another way to get backlinks is to present infographic content to convey information to readers. In general, infographic content will be visual in nature so that it is widely shared on various websites. Infographic content is also often used as a way to get backlinks and web traffic. 

When creating infographic content, you need to adapt it to the content of your web page. In addition, make sure the information conveyed in it has value or is useful to many people. For a professional looking infographic, you can use Canva or Piktochart

4. Make comments on quality blogs
One way to get backlinks easily is by commenting on other web blogs. However, you must do the comments in the right way. Because if not, then your actions will be considered spam which will have a bad impact on your website.

Give comments as a way to engage with the community on the web. For example, to help other readers you can offer related information or articles from your website. You also search for online forum websites that match your web niche for a variety of information there.

5. Using influencer marketing 
In recent years, influencer marketing has become a very popular way of marketing. When you collaborate with influencers, they can help promote your website, link your web backlinks on the web pages they manage, write about you, and much more.

6. Claim back your website link
When someone mentions your web address but doesn't link the link in it, you can use that as a way to get backlinks. To find out which websites do not link back to your page, you can use a tool called Awario. This tool will provide notification when your website is mentioned on a web page. If this happens, you can contact the owner of the web and ask to add a backlink on their page.
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