7 Websites Providing Free Vector Icons for Web and App Design


Free vector Icons

7 Websites Providing Free Vector Icons for Web and App Design

Today there are various platforms on the internet that provide vector icons for free. Icons are one of the most important components in design. With many platforms that provide free icons, web developers and web designers will be more helpful when developing a system. They don't have to make a design again from scratch so they have more time to complete other tasks.

Icons play an important role in website and application design. Icons are usually in the form of small images, or symbols used to represent software programs, files, or a function on a computer screen. With the use of icons, users can easily recognize and find the item or feature they are looking for on a website or application page.

Typically, a project or company has specific design requests. Like what color will be used, typeface, button shape, and vector icons. Seeing some of these requests, the developer must find the appropriate icon.

Therefore, here are some platforms that provide quality vector icons with a variety of choices that you can customize to suit your project.

1. Freepik
Freepik is one of the most popular platforms which provides free vector icons online. Here, you can also find free illustration designs, PSD files, and photos that you can use for your designs.

Freepik generates hundreds of free vectors every day. Until now on the website page, Freepik informs that they have more than 83,000 icons that can be used for personal or commercial needs. Vector icons and images are also available in various formats including .PNG, .EPS and .SVG formats.

You can easily find a design that fits your project as Freepik has a wide variety of categories. Some of these categories include animal design, backgrounds, banners, buttons, cartoons, graphics, humans, logos, folders, and many more. Freepik also offers a premium package that allows its users to be able to access all the content provided.

2. Flaticon
Flaticon offers a comprehensive catalog of vector icons. When you perform an icon search, several options will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. Within these options you can filter designs as needed. If you select the "Free" option, you will find a variety of icons that are free to use.

Icon designs on this platform are available in several formats, namely PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, and BASE 64. So no matter what kind of vector icon you are looking for, you can find it on this platform.

3. Iconfinder
Iconfinder is also a popular platform for finding icons. Until 2020, Iconfinder informed that their platform provides 4,713,891 SVG icons.

Iconfinder has a feature called Icon Editor which functions to edit the icon you want. To use this feature, you don't need to download or install software on your device. This feature can be used directly through a web browser. You can change the color, size or text of your design. That way, the icon you want can be tailored to your brand or client's request.

4. Icons8
Icons8 provides around 133,900 free icons for various styles such as for Android, iOS, or Windows. The file formats provided are PNG, SVG, PDF, and EPS. 

Besides providing various icons, Icons8 also provides free photos and music for non-commercial users.

In icons8, there is also a feature to edit the icons you want. You can change colors, add text, overlays, and apply effects to the icon.

5. Ninja Icon
Ninja Icon is a platform that provides almost 1 million free icons. The file formats provided are SVG and PNG. Ninja Icon provides detailed information on the files they offer such as format type, width, height, file size, and many more. Apart from web designers, Ninja Icon can also be used by front end engineers or PPT designers.

6. Iconmonstr
Iconmonstr provides a simple vector icon source. Until now, there are almost 4496 free icons available and growing. The icons provided also have a neat and precise design of 24 pixels. Iconmonstr also has various variations with various formats such as SVG, EPS, PSD and PNG. 

One of the interesting things about Iconmonstr is the Icon Request service. The service allows its users to ask creators to design the icons they want. Iconmonstr will provide a list of icons, then users can vote on the icons that will be created next.

7. Vecteezy
Vecteezy is a website that has a lot of free vector graphics. The designs provided come from various designers around the world. This Vecteezy manager will collect a number of image material and is always updated every day. 

Before downloading the icon you want, you can make some changes using the online editor provided. You can edit icon color, font type, size, etc. Vecteezy has no limit on the number of downloads per day. However, registered users can download files faster than unregistered users.
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