Travel Destinations That Offer Serenity For Those Of You Who Want To Travel While Self Healing

Turtlebin - For those of you who are tired of the daily routine that always forces you to move quickly and tends to be in a hurry, you definitely need time to calm down and rest from worldly fatigue once in a while. 

Leave your routine for a moment and make time for  traveling to visit places that offer tranquility so you can rest for a while while doing self-healing from the fatigue that you usually feel everyday. 

In this case, the resort of Amanjiwo has re-released a cultural-themed travel package which will invite guests to enjoy a spiritual wellness session while exploring the history of Shiva Buddhist Tantra, and will also participate in the Pradashina ceremony at Borobudur Temple. 

What makes this tour suitable for those of you who aim for self-healing , namely because this traveling package will be accompanied by health practitioners and cultural experts who will accompany each travel session, and help each guest's self-healing. 

Curious how to get more information about this traveling as well as self-healing tour ? Check out his review below.

Offers serenity

Traveling sambil self-healing di Amanjiwo (Foto: dok. Amanjiwo)

Located in central Java, Amanjiwo resort is known for its place to offer peace and privacy that is very well maintained so it is perfect for someone who is looking for a moment of peace from his routine. 

This resort is an ideal place to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with loved ones because you can make the most of quality time there.

In addition, the Amanjiwo resort also has a very beautiful view of the place because it is directly adjacent to the mountains, rivers, and Borobudur Temple which is located not far from the resort. 

The trip, which offers a traveling package as well as self-healing, is carried out for 3 days, which will take place on 19-24 December 2021.

Guests will get various self-healing rituals

Illustration of self-healing while traveling | unsplash.com/Jared Rice

As previously explained, this travel package will provide facilities that allow guests to self-healing . Uniquely, the self-healing ritual that guests will receive is not just an ordinary ritual. In honor of the rich heritage of Javanese healing traditions and ceremonies, later this travel package will present a ritual called "A Celebration of Ancient Wisdom". 

This self-healing ritual will be conducted over three nights, and guests will go on a journey that has been designed in such a way that guests can immerse themselves in the charming Javanese culture, enjoy exciting spiritual wellness, and inspiring lecture sessions on the history of Shiva Buddhist Tantra. . 

In this case, guests are also given the opportunity to be able to participate in a 'Pradashina' ceremony led by a monk next to the largest and most reverberating Buddhist monument in the world, namely Borobudur.

Guided by various experienced practitioners

Resort Amanjiwo which offers traveling packages while self-healing (Photo: doc. Amanjiwo)

The difference that makes this trip unique is that later on, the guests will receive classes and self-healing rituals directly from the experts, namely professionals who master self-healing techniques. 

The ritual will begin with the presence of monks from Veluvana Vihara in the main lobby of Amanjiwo when welcoming guests who have just arrived at the resort on the first day. Later these monks would chant gracefully to show their devotion to Buddha's teachings. 

Then, on the second day, Reza Gunawan, who is a holistic self-healing practitioner who often provides guidance and seminars on holistic alternative medicine. He will teach guests breathing practices and the TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) which has successfully helped thousands of people recover from stress, emotions, and trauma, as well as helping guests to achieve healthier lives. 

After lunch, guests can choose to join a Tapa Brata meditation session with Joko Triagung who is a kebatinan expert who focuses on inner energy, and his therapy uses a mixture of herbal plants, healing energies, or summoning of powers through known spirits. Or with Patrick Vanhoebrouck in Goa Kiskendo, Menoreh hills who will do hermitage and meditation by the main swimming pool of the Amanjiwo resort itself. 

On the third day, guests will take part in a HATI self-healing session with Reza Gunawan in the morning, and a Java Healing session with Joko Triagung and a Javanese astrology session with Sugeng Karyanto in the afternoon.

The closing event filled with spirituality

Illustration of closing ceremony at Amanjiwo (Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay)

Not only will you enjoy 3 days there with various self-healing rituals that are packed throughout the day, but you will also be pampered with a closing event full of spirituality. 

To complete the day, later the guests will explore the 'Dhiva Buddha Tantra' session in the library room with Patrick Vanhoebrouck to share his knowledge about Borobudur and spirituality on the island of Java. 

In addition, you will also be served by a ruwatan ritual, or a 'discarding bad luck' ceremony (self-purification) which will be guided by Joko Triagung on the side of the Progo river as the closing of a series of self-healing programs at Amanjiwo.

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