How to Scan Printed Text With the Live Text Feature on Iphone 13

Turtlebin.com - iOS 15 as the operating system of the iPhone 13, has various features, one of which is "live text", which can make users scan from printed text to digital writing on the iPhone 13.

The existence of this feature will certainly make it easier for users to copy text quickly because they only rely on the rear camera to take pictures of objects that contain printed text, then users can copy text from photos without retyping.

For example, this feature can be used to make it easier for users when they need to immediately call or send an email by taking the phone number or email address on a business card.

The Cellular Team, will share tips on scanning printed text, these options include you can directly from the camera application, and also Copy/Paste to the notes application.

Check out tips from live text, based on reviews from the cellular team:

Scan Printed Text from Camera App

  1. First, Open your Camera app then select “Photo” mode, then hover over the text you want to scan so that it is within the camera frame.
  2. If your iPhone detects text, there will be a yellow square icon. If the text is correct for you to scan, then tap the Live Text icon near the zoom control.
  3. Then you can, press and hold on the line of text you want to make a selection.
  4. After that, there will be a menu available, namely Copy, Select All, Look Up, Translate or Share.

If the text contains a phone number, you can tap or long press to:Call, Send message, FaceTime, FaceTime Audio, and Add to Contacts

If the web page of the URL is in text, tap on it, and it will open in Safari. You can also long press to get these options: Open link, Add to Reading List, Copy link and Share

If contains an email address in text will open a new draft, will allow you to choose: New email message, Send message, FaceTime, FaceTime audio

For an address, tapping it opens Maps, while a long press gives you: get directions, open it on maps, copy the address, and share.

Using to Copy Text

Using the live text feature in other apps to enter printed text directly into the selected field works in much the same way as in Camera, only you start it from the text field in the app you're using.

  1. Open any app where you can enter text, then long press where you want to start “typing”. Can be used in Messages, Notes, Safari or other third party apps.
  2. After you long press the field, a “paste” option will appear, Tap that icon to start scanning the printed text.
  3. Live text will automatically paste the text in the application you want.

By using “text from camera” in the options menu before turning it into a simple Live Text icon. Icons save space in menus while keeping things uniform across the system.

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