Business Idea From The Hobby of Traveling


Turtlebin - The hobby of traveling is fun, but you also know very well that this one hobby requires a lot of financial support. If you are a budget traveler , you have to be smart to rack your brain in order to reduce the cost of the vacation needed. One way to meet all your traveling needs is to start a business. But if you are confused about what business to choose, just make your traveling hobby your business area. While diving into drinking water, this proverb is very suitable to describe this situation. What kind of business can you do even though you still have a hobby of traveling ? Here , we give a leak.

Opening Inns

Many walks make you have spent the night in various inns. If you already know what kind of lodgings are preferred by travelers/backpackers , why don't you make it happen? Be it in terms of price, location, facilities, to the concept of the hotel itself. Do you think you understand how to create an inn that attracts fellow travelers? If you already have an okay inn/hotel concept, immediately make it a reality. Collaborating with friends who have a similar vision can be an option if you don't have big capital. Make your dream hotel come true, while adding to your savings coffers to finance your next vacation.

Opening a Vehicle Rental Business Your

acquaintances in various areas can also be used to help open a car rental business. If you find the right location, this can be a promising source of income. Opening a vehicle rental service, whether it's a motorbike or a car, doesn't mean you have to have a lot of vehicles. You can use a friend or relative who has a vehicle to rent to you and then rent it out again to other people in need. During the holiday season, many people come to travel without bringing a vehicle, so car rental is needed. So it is not surprising that having a business like this will be very profitable.


Offer your service as a Tour Guide.

Apart from lodging and car rental services, another type of business that is suitable for adventurers is to open a tour guide distributor. The existence of a tour guide is needed to help tourists who come to an area. You can recruit employees who you train to become professional tour guides who can later be distributed to parties in need. Experience as a traveler can be used as a guide to shape the person you later want to train to become a tour guide. After they have the knowledge, then you make collaborations, for example with the regional Ministry of Tourism or tour agents who do require the services of a tour guide.

Open a Mountaineering Gear Rental Service

Another business idea that can be adopted by you true adventurers is to sell or rent goods/traveling equipment. From carriers for climbing mountains to tubes for diving, everything can be rented or sold. If you don't have the capital to open a shop right away, try renting out your own stuff or if your friends are willing to make other friends. After the capital is collected, you can open a shop. Providing the items needed when traveling is much sought after by people who really like to travel. For example, like a money belt , dry bag , or snorkeling maskis the type of selling item that you must provide. For mountain lovers, you can also provide tents, warm clothes, even a stove for camping .


Become a Translator for Foreign Tourists

Not only the above types of businesses can be done, you can also open a business as a translator or translator service to guide foreign tourists who come. So later you can combine tour guide service providers with translators so that the tourists you can serve are more diverse. This will also help to get bigger profits. In fact, if someone is able to provide translation services for foreign guests, it is likely that tourism development in these two places will take place more quickly. You can use this opportunity to create a type of business like this that will be very useful in the future.

Become a Driver

For those of you who have the expertise to drive a vehicle, you can take advantage of this habit of yours to become a driver to take tourists to the desired tourist spots. The good thing about this type of work is that you don't have to have big capital other than a SIM. The bonus of being in this business is that you can also go on walks with the tourists you are taking. Of course, this work can be done by students who do not have large capital to set up their own business.


Buying Goods from Overseas for Resale This

type of business is really worth trying for those of you who like shopping and also travel. Of course, you are aware that now in online shops, there are a lot of imported goods that are traded through social media. Ranging from cosmetics to fashion can be used as merchandise. So, if you're usually just a consumer, why don't you try to be a seller now? Usually online merchantswho sell goods from outside will take a vacation while shopping for goods that are being sold. Some countries that are usually used as destinations for hunting merchandise are Thailand, Malaysia, and also China.

Clothing Line

Although now there are many clothing lines that are scattered, but it seems that there are still a few that specialize in producing clothes related to the world of traveling . You can take advantage of this opportunity to enter and create clothing aimed at the tourist market. Later you can also brand your clothes according to the tastes of the traveler . Not only clothes that can be traded, you can also make hats, pants, or maybe backpacks that are specifically designed for travelers . The specifications of thisspecial traveler clothing line can be the difference between the clothing lineyours with other clothing lines .


Become a Travel Planner

Your adventurous eyes are good at findingfun vacation spots and cheap tickets will also be useful for your new venture as a traveler . Have you had enough walking experience? Do you feel you have the ability to makea fun, cheap, and comfortable travel itinerary ? Why not use this ability that not everyone has as initial capital to build a business as aprofessional travel planner ? The capital you need is practically zero rupiah, because you only need to build an imageas a reliable traveler whose advice can be trusted. To get an image like this, you can start writing your travel story on a blog and then promote it via social networks. When your blog's audience grows, start offering services as a travel planner for them. Starting from finding the cheapest tickets, providing the most suitable itinerary for them, to giving advice before departure.


Those are some of the efforts that you can do even though you still like traveling. Hopefully this article can be useful and can be used as a reference.

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