How To Fix Vivo Bootloop / Stuck On The Logo

Your Vivo cellphone is stuck on the logo? Stuck in the logo or bootloop? Vivo Bootloop problems or stopping at a logo like this are common with HP users, not just the Vivo brand. Some people can only complain because they don't know how to solve this HP Vivo Bootloop. But there's no need to worry, because this time the brainy admin will briefly discuss a tutorial on how to solve the stuck screen problem on the Vivo logo, aka vivo hangs on this logo. 

How to solve this HP Vivo bootloop can be for HP Vivo Y53, Vivo Y15, Vivo Y91, Vivo Y35, Vivo Y21 and other Vivo cellphones that are stuck or stuck and hang on the logo.

Causes of HP Vivo Bootloop

Before going to the tutorial, I share some of the causes of the HP Vivo bootloop or stuck logo so that in the future you can be careful so that errors don't happen again. Here are some causes of HP Vivo bootloop or stuck stuck at the logo:

  • Failed when flashing or reinstalling HP
  • Error editing Android system files
  • Backup data that is outdated or old, so when you reset your cellphone and restore it, you get an error
  • Installing the MOD application on the cellphone which turns out to be interfering with the HP system
  • Wrongly setting Permissions on HP which makes HP error problems
  • Infected with Viruses and Malware which usually come from browsing or browsing fake sites or websites that are problematic
  • Android system that suddenly has problems by itself

How to Overcome HP Vivo Bootloop

Here are the steps to overcome the HP Vivo Bootloop or stuck stuck on the logo:

  • First, turn off the Vivo cellphone.
  • Press Volume Power and Down Button at the same time.
  • Wait until the Fastboot Mode screen appears.
  • After the Fastboot Mode screen appears, select Recovery mode .
  • Wait until the Recovery mode screen appears, it will take a while.
  • Once it appears, select Wipe data .
  • Select Wipe cache partition and select Wipe cache partition again .
  • After the wipe data process is complete or Wipe OK , select OK .
  • Then select Wipe data , and select wipe data again .
  • Wait until the process is complete, usually quite a long time.
  • When finished, click / select OK .
  • Just choose Back . Then in the Recovery menu select Reboot system .
  • Wait for the reboot process, aka the restart, this is a bit long.
  • After rebooting, the Welcome screen will appear .
  • Just click on “ Set up your phone ” at the bottom.
  • Then just set the settings such as language, region, and others as desired.
  • Done, HP Vivo can be used again.

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