How to replace a Damaged Computer Hard Disk


The hard disk or hard drive is a very important component in the CPU, where its function is to store data, but it is also possible that the hard disk can be damaged. The reasons can be various, can be from the age factor, short circuit or bad sectors. Here I give the appearance of the damage to the Computer HDD.

Seen in the picture above the computer is stuck when booting

error "No boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed"


I also try to make sure whether the hard disk is really damaged by checking the boot menu, I'm afraid the hard disk only has corrupted files in the OS. If the Hard Disk is really damaged the boot menu doesn't show any name.

It is certain that the hard disk is damaged. Okay, I'll just try to replace the old hard disk with a new one.

The first step is to open your CPU case using a screwdriver.

Next find the position where your computer's hard disk is installed.

Remove the screw that secures your Hard disk to release the hard disk, then pull your hard disk out of the CPU hard disk mount.

Next, don't forget to unplug the hard disk connecting cable with the power supply and the motherboard slowly.

Insert the new hard disk into the slot where the hard disk is on the CPU.

After that lock the Hard disk with the bolt and connect the power and SATA cables to the new hard disk. Make sure the hard disk is locked in a strong state so it doesn't come off easily, also the connector must be connected slowly so that the brass on the hard disk is not scratched.

Next close the CPU case and lock it with a bolt.

Turn on the computer, to make sure that the new hard disk is read and installed correctly, press F12 on the boot menu. If the hard disk is installed properly, the boot menu will display the name of the hard disk brand that we installed.

So that's the way - how to replace the hard disk on the computer. The new hard disk requires OS installation because it doesn't have any file system on it. That's a tutorial from me, thank you.

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