How To Fix Bootloop Without Factory Reset

Turtlebin - The problem of a completely dead HP must be enough to disturb the heart to interfere with daily activities. How not, at this time HP has become an electronic tool that is needed to increase mobility in communicating with other people. Especially now that many people find it difficult to escape from this one device, so the problem of a completely dead HP can seriously hamper productivity. 

Are you experiencing a total dead HP problem? If so, then this article is perfect for friends who want to know how to deal with a completely dead HP properly. Before knowing how to solve it, it would be better if you first knew the cause of the total dead HP. Check out the explanation below, come on! 

Causes of Totally Dead HP

Actually there are various factors that cause HP to die completely. Some of them can be caused by errors and bad habits from the user or indeed the HP system is quite old and not functioning optimally. Well, here are some factors that often cause HP to die completely, including: 

  • Software  crash

Software is an operating system that becomes the 'life' of a gadget, including HP . If the HP software error is due to an interference, it will cause the HP to not be able to function normally. 

  • HP hit by water

One of the causes of total dead HP that is often complained of is being exposed to water. Even though there are currently many cellphones that offer waterproof features, if the components inside are exposed to water, it still won't last long and can cause the cellphone to die completely. This is because the components in most electronic devices are impervious to liquids, so they must be dry.

  • HP is lagging 

HP often slow or lag ? Be careful, if this condition is left for a continuous time, it can cause the HP to die completely. Slow HP is a condition when HP cannot respond to any commands given by the user. This is usually because smartphones cannot cope with the burden of processing data that is too large.

  • System modification error

For some cellphones, especially the Android type, the operating system is open source. This means that users can make modifications to the operating system (OS) on their HP devices. However, this can also bring its own risks, you know. If the modification process is not carried out properly, the software will not be able to run normally and result in a total death of the HP.

  • Battery drop or damage

Other causes of a completely dead HP can be caused by a damaged battery condition. Before the smartphone is completely dead, you can actually see some symptoms that may appear, one of which is when the battery often drops even though it is not used often. 

  • short circuit 

Often play HP while charging the battery? Be careful, this is a bad habit that often makes HP die. Because, it is dangerous for devices such as HP because it causes the battery to be damaged quickly. In addition, these habits can also cause the power that enters the device to become unstable.

How to Overcome Total Dead HP

You don't have to worry if your cellphone suddenly turns off completely, here are some steps you can take if your cellphone dies, including: 

  • Try charging HP

The first way to solve the problem of a completely dead HP is to charge it first. Friends can plug in the cellphone with the charger cable so that the battery is charged. Try to leave the power connected for some time to find out the condition of your HP battery. If the cellphone can turn on again, there is a possibility that the battery has dropped. However, if the cellphone does not turn on even though it has been charged for a long time, there may be another problem in the HP system. However, friends don't need to worry, there are further tips that you can try. 

  • Check battery condition

As already explained, if your friend's cellphone suddenly turns off completely, it could be that the problem arises because of a dropped or damaged battery condition . To overcome this, there are two ways that can be done based on the type of battery on each HP. 

If the battery on your friend's cellphone is separated from your cellphone, the way to fix it is by removing the battery from your cellphone. However, if the battery is integrated into the cellphone body, then you can forcefully turn off the cellphone power in an emergency or press the power button for about 20-30 seconds.

  • Check cables and adapters

This tip can be done if the condition of the cellphone has run out of power first and when it is charged, the cellphone does not turn on. Well, it could be that the problem is with the cable or adapter. Therefore, if the cellphone is completely dead, you should try charging it with another type of cable and adapter. That way, you can determine whether the cable and adapter are damaged or if it's the cellphone. 

  • Check for problems on the HP screen

Totally dead HP is not only caused by power problems, but it can also be because the screen is off or dark. To find out whether the HP screen is the problem or not, you can press the power button for 30 seconds and wait for the reaction. If the cellphone vibrates but the screen does not show the boot process , there is a possibility that the cellphone screen has a problem. If this happens, you should immediately go to the service center to replace the screen with a new one.

  • Do a factory reset from recovery mode 

If HP is sometimes a flame, but sometimes get stuck in the boot or flame and then die again, most likely the problem lies in the software ( software ). This can happen after you update your OS to a new version or make system modifications. 

To overcome the HP completely dead because of this, you should try to do a factory reset via recovery mode which will delete all data on the cellphone and return like a new cellphone. Before doing a factory reset, make sure you move important data on your cellphone to memory or laptop so that data is not lost. 

To do a factory reset, you must first press the volume up + volume down + power button at once. Key combinations vary, depending on the type of HP. Once in recovery mode, navigate usually using the volume buttons and look for the factory reset option , then press the power button to do a factory reset. 

Those are some ways to overcome a completely dead HP that you can do as first aid. However, if the cellphone still won't turn on, it could be that the HP hardware has a problem or the damage is more severe and has spread to all HP systems. To ensure this condition, you should consult with an official service center so that it can be repaired properly. 

If the HP service process takes a very long time or the price is almost equivalent to a new cellphone, maybe it's time for you to replace your old cellphone with a new cellphone that has better specifications.

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