Best WiFi Hacker App for Android Without Root


Accessing the internet is now one of the most important needs which will later serve to support socializing or work. Of course, in addition to using a data package, the internet can also be accessed using WiFi.

Then, what are the ways to break into wifi with an application using your Android smartphone? Here's the review.

List of Best WiFi Hacking Apps 2021

1. Reaver

The first application is called Reaver. This application is one of the most powerful in the WiFi breaker class. From the looks of it, Reaver's interface is very simple and practical.

Of course this is very easy for users who are still laymen. This application, which you can get on the google play store, has a monitor mode which is very useful for users.

Another advantage of Reaver is that it has features that are concise but quite complete. However, unfortunately if you want to use this application, you have to root your smartphone first.

2. WiFi WPS Connect

The application that you can rely on to break into the next WiFi is WiFi WPS Connect. As the name implies, this application certainly aims to penetrate WiFi passwords using WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) security.

Easy to get on play store, this app also acts to detect WiFi network completely. But unfortunately, even though it is effective in penetrating WPS system defenses, this application is not very effective for WPA (WiFi Protected Access) security.

3. WiFiKill

The next application called WiFiKill is one application that is quite reliable. Besides being very easy to hack deep WiFi codes with just one click, this application helps if the WiFi internet suddenly becomes slow.

With WiFiKill, you can also restrict access from other devices that are already connected to the network. This application is very practical and easy to use, because you can directly access it through your Android smartphone.

4. ZAnti

This application, which comes from the zimperium developer, has a function to break into WiFi which is often a mainstay for both beginners and professionals.

In general, the main function of this application is to test the security of the WiFi network. But the features are quite simple and simple, there is a menu whose function is WiFi hacking.

In addition, this ZAnti application provides detailed information related to security levels. The disadvantage of this application is that it is only effective on networks with a security level that is not too high.

5. Hijackers

The next WiFi breaker application is Hijackers. This application is highly recommended for professional users because it is a combination of a WiFi breaker application but the interface design remains simple and practical.

So, if early users want to try, the existing features are easy to learn. Although this application is very complete, unfortunately to use it, you are required to root your phone first.

6. cSploit

The application that originally bore the name of this dysploid, later changed to cSploit. The features in this application are similar to the ZAnti application. So it is open source, even more open when comparing it with ZAnti.

cSploit has the ability to manipulate from other users' devices that are already connected to the same WiFi network. Unfortunately, the perfection of an application still has the drawback that it requires a rooted gadget. In addition, this application has a very small updating frequency.

7. WiFi Spoofer

The next hacking application is called WiFi Spoofer. Only armed with an Android smartphone, you can already carry out the mission to hack WiFi using an application.

8. Andro Dumpper

The next thing you can use for one of the ways to break into WiFi with an application via your phone is AndroDumpper. This application works very effectively on WPS type routers.

9. Nmap

One more application that you can rely on for your Android phone is Nmap. Which allows you to also scan for vulnerabilities in the WiFi network you are using.

The good news is that you can apply this application without having to root your smartphone. However, if you use it on a rooted phone, the features you get in this application are more complete.

Interested in Hacking WiFi with One of These Applications?

Those were some summaries along with a brief explanation of the method or way to hack WiFi using the application. There are some applications that do require root but some are installed without having to root first.

However, it's a good idea to prioritize your safety if it's not in an emergency situation and requires you to do hacking. And if there is a problem in the WiFi network or system, you should leave it to a more expert so that there are no problems behind it. Please try!

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