4 Effective Ways to Track Lost Cell Phones

Turtlebin - In the digital era, mobile phones are the most important devices to support daily activities. Of course, it's abysmal if your cellphone is lost, whether it's due to forgetting or other factors.

Don't worry, the problem can be solved by using technology too. The first step, you can track your lost cellphone via IP Address.

IP Address is a row of binary numbers between 32 bits to 128 bits which is used as an identification address for each host computer in the Internet network . The length of this number is 32 bits, and 128 bits indicate the address of the computer on a TCP/IP-based Internet network.

Although it cannot be detailed and accurate, there are things that can be read from the IP Address, one of which is the location of the device you are using and as long as it is still connected to the internet.

The following is a site that you can use to find out the IP Address or get data where the location is mentioned from the row of codes.

- www.iplocation.net

- www.ipfingerprints.com

- iplocation.com

The usage is the same. First of all, you will be presented with the IP address that you have. Then you can enter a row of IP Address numbers that you want to know the location of. From there you will know where it is.

If how to track a cellphone with an IP address has not produced results. Here's how to track a lost cellphone with an email account, special account, and various other ways.

How to track a lost cellphone with email

In this way, gmail users can secure their google account and lock their cellphone or cellphone. Here's how,

1. Users must login with a gmail account first in the browser (Google Chrome). Then press the square icon to get the user's account info

2. After that, go to the search field and type "Find your Phone." The next step is to select the Find your Phone menu and select the lost cellphone in the list of devices connected to the gmail account

3. Next, fill in the password for verification and click next. In Find your Phone, select the locate option which will redirect to the Find My Device feature. In this feature, the Google account on the cellphone will be locked and secured

Next try to track with the account and find my device.

How to track a lost cellphone with a special account

This method applies to users of certain factory-issued cellphones or cellphones, which have their own security techniques. Here's how,

1. Mi Account

How to track this lost Xiaomi cellphone can be by visiting the Mi Cloud site (https://i.mi.com/) on a browser on a computer. Next, sign in with Mi Account, enter the data according to the lost cellphone, and password. The next step is to select the Find Device option, delete data if the cellphone has been found, and enter the cellphone in Lost Mode

2. Samsung ID

How to track a lost Samsung cellphone can be by visiting Samsung Find My Mobile (https://findmymobile.samsung.com/), then signing this using the ID of the lost cellphone. After that agree to all the legal information provided by Samsung and click Agree.

Next, Samsung Find My Mobile will reveal the last location of your cellphone, find out information about connected networks, and remaining battery. HP control can be done by locking the device, deleting data, or sounding an alarm.

3. iCloud

How to track a lost HP iPhone can be by visiting the iCloud website (https://www.icloud.com/), then signing in using the Apple ID of the lost cellphone. Skip Two-Factor Authentication, then select the Find My iPhone option. After the location is revealed, HP can be controlled by activating Lost Mode, clearing data, or sounding an alarm.

How to track a lost cellphone when it's off

Google Maps can be used to track a lost cellphone or cellphone, especially when it's turned off. Here's how,

1. The Google Maps application on the tracking cellphone is opened first, then tap the three line icon in the upper left corner. Then, enter your lost HP account with the add account option.

2. The next step is to press the hamburger icon again and now select Your Timeline. Tracking will start

3. Then press the calendar icon to find out the location of the cellphone if it has been lost in a matter of days, especially if the cellphone is off.

How to track a lost cellphone with google Find My Device

4. Google Find My Device/Android Device Manager can also be an alternative to track a lost cellphone. Here's how,

5. First, make sure the Google Find My Device application is installed on the tracking cellphone or cellphone.

6. Second, login using your Gmail account on the lost cellphone) by signing in as guest so that you can enter the lost cellphone

7. Third, the permissions layer will appear. Allow the app to access the device's location by clicking "Allow." Then immediately go to the location of the HP discovery by using the green icon, which is connected to Google Maps or take preventive steps such as locking the cellphone or cellphone.

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