Horror! This is How to Avoid Illegal Loans

Ke & Ku - During the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak that lasted from 2020 to 2021, there were many cases of fraud under the guise of illegal online loan applications in Indonesia. Given this pandemic outbreak, any business has plummeted and a number of people have lost their jobs. This is what triggers the increase in cases of fraud under the guise of illegal lending.

Data from the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) stated that during January to mid-June 2021, as many as 447 borrowing services were detected as illegal and had been blocked. The Kominfo website Cekrekening.id received 2,403 account complaints reports as of May 2021. Previously, in June 2020, Cekrekening.id only received 194 account complaints.

Not long ago there was a case of loan fraud experienced by a resident of Boyolali, Central Java. The requirements are very easy and the loan interest is very low, attracting victims of illegal lending. It's not a profit, it's a disaster.

These residents actually have to pay very high loan interest, if they are late in paying loan installments. Even the victim continues to be terrorized by the crooks by telephone or directly coming to the house. Worse yet, the pinjol application can read all of the victim's phone contacts.

So, have you ever been a victim of illegal loan fraud? Hopefully you don't become a victim of illegal lending. In order to avoid illegal entrapment, Selular ID provides tips to avoid illegal entrapment.

Here's how to avoid being caught in an illegal bondage.

1. Check the Legal Loan List at OJK

Now the Financial Services Authority (OJK) presents the latest data on the Legal Fintech List until July 27, 2021. The total number of fintech peer-to-peer lending or fintech lending providers registered and licensed at OJK are 121 companies. Until July 27, 2021, there is the addition of one licensed fintech lending provider, namely PT Lentera Dana Nusantara, bringing the number of licensed fintech lending providers to 68 providers.

In addition, there were 3 cancellations of fintech lending registered certificates, namely, PT Need Fintech Indonesia, PT Digitron Solusi Indonesia, and PT Jayindo Fintek Pratama due to the inability of the organizers to continue operational activities. Given the rampant cases of fraud under the guise of illegal fintech, OJK urges the public to always use the services of fintech lending providers that have been registered or licensed by the OJK.

To check the status of the license for offering financial services that you have received, you can contact OJK Contact 157 via phone number 157 or WhatsApp at 081157157157. In addition, you can check whether the loan application you are going to use is legal or illegal on the official OJK website.

2. Download the app from official sources

After checking on the official OJK website, you can download the official pinjol application from the Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS users. Because if the downloaded application comes from an unofficial source, your personal data will be stolen through various malware to adware.

3. Activate the security features in the online loan Legal application

Every loan application that has been officially registered with the OJK must have security features. For example in the form of account block, verification, account lock and privacy mode. Make sure you have activated the feature before making any further transactions.

4. Review the app access permissions

After downloading the application, you need to ensure in detail all the approvals and what data the application wants to access from the smartphone. Before using the illegal pinjol application, don't quickly tap allow. Because irresponsible parties can easily access all personal data on the smartphone.

Hopefully with the tips that the Cellular Editor provides, it can prevent you from being entangled in illegal loan applications.

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