Should You Tell Your Family?

It's awkward.

It's scary.

It's almost like coming out.

It can even be nerve-racking.


It's an important decision in every little or CG's life - Do I tell my family and friends? In the end, it's your decision on who you want to include in this lifestyle you live. After all, little space is your own personal space, you don't need to invite everyone in.

Or maybe you love being open about this lifestyle - it can even help others come out of their shell and discover that maybe THEY are a little! THEN YOU HAVE MORE LITTLE FRIENDS!


For myself personally, I opened up about being a little when someone in my family found my sippies and stuffies. The more you immerse yourself in the little lifestyle, the more likely that is to happen - and that's okay!

Once I explained, I was surprised to find no judgment.

That's not always the case. Some people will judge because they don't understand. My daddy is very open with this life and LOVES when I'm little in public. At first it can be scary but over time it gets easier and I can be little WAY more often and that's when I'm really happy.


So do what I do, and make a pros and cons list.

Does everyone need to know?

Or do you prefer to have your little corner in your closet to enjoy little space in private?

Maybe including other people would take you out of it. But whatever you choose, know that it doesn't matter what other people think.

And you ALWAYS have a supportive family here at the Turtle Bin and with other littles and CG's :)


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