Mental Health During Quarantine: An Invitation

Hi! It's me, turtle's daddy (You can call me James), this is a letter to everyone: Daddies, littles, switches, you name it.

Being in quarantine can be tough for everyone, and we at the Turtle Bin know it can really hit hard on those littles staying at home with 1. No daddy or (hopefully not) 2. Abusive daddies.

It can also be really difficult on the opposite end of the spectrum. Living this lifestyle is a large part of what keeps us happy, at least that's true for me and my Turtle.

We want everyone to know, big and little, that we are here for you. Mental health is very important to us here, and you can always feel free to reach out to us. We now have someone available almost 24/7 to talk about anything, whether there's something your dealing with or you're just bored and lonely!

We are here with open arms! Welcome to our little family, everyone.

- Turtle's Daddy

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