Are There Fake CG's?

A lot of my little friends complain about 'fake daddies.' They say their rules are hypocritical and they just don't let them be in little space often enough, or try to force it at weird times.

By far the most common complaint, is fake cg's who are only interested in little space during sex.

Unpopular Opinion: There are no fake cg's.


At least not how everyone thinks of them. Again: There aren't fake CG's, just immature ones.

Not every daddy or mommy out there is perfect, no one is. Not every little is perfect at being a little, and that's okay. Everyone gets better at their role overtime. Some CG's may not be ready to care for someone in little space outside of sex. Talk with them, make sure you're both on the same path. You may both live the lifestyle in different ways, and you don't need to force it.

If after weeks, months, years, something isn't fitting right, it may be time to part ways.


It took me years to find my daddy, and plenty of bad ones along the way. It doesn't mean all of them are fake, they may not live the lifestyle the same way I do, or maybe they weren't ready.

Either way, don't be driven away by cg's who aren't ready or don't fit, stay hopeful that someday you'll find your permanent cg just like I did.


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