10 BEST Dates for DDLG Couples!

Being little in public may be difficult for some, it's a very vulnerable space to be in. For that reason, there are some spots better suited for littles and their caregivers.

1. Build-A-Bear

Obviously, stuffies are like, the best thing ever, BUT, even better is *making* a stuffie, and even better than that is making your stuffie with your CG. The great thing about this date, is some employees of Build-A-Bear, will play along with little space, and may even be little themselves.

Take your time designing your new friend, and picking out all their little outfits!

2. Kid's Movie Night

With this, you can choose a romantic night out, or stay in and watch old Disney flicks. Either way, there's nothing like a good movie from your childhood to bring out nostalgia, and help you slide into little space.

Want a free movie each month? Check out our Date Night Subscription Bag!

3. The Zoo

Everyone loves animals, especially littles. This is a fun day, where everyone can act like a kid.

It's also a great way for cg's to play games with their littles, like asking what type of animal something is, and offering rewards (nothing wrong with a good head pet!).

4. Build A Pillow Fort!

With, or without your CG (IF they can figure out the password!).

5. Scrapbooking

It's great to collect memories, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, to cut out decorations and color all over.

6. Arcades/Carnivals

Playing any kind of games brings you closer to your CG or little, but you can win their heart forever if you can defeat the claw machine. (Daddy still hasn't, but I forgive him.)

7. Cooking

It's always nice learning something together, and a new recipe can be perfect for that. Or revisit a meal from your childhood.

Daddy once made me 'octopus in the ocean' (specially sliced hot dogs in mac and cheese with blue food dye)!

8. Playdates!

We love having other littles over (there are some rules with daddy around other littles, and vice versa) but exploring little space with another little can be a great way to show him your playful side.

9. Water Balloons/Spray Guns

Soak each other, add in some hide and seek, and cool down in the summer, all while throwing in some healthy competition and wet head pets when you win.

10. Disneyland

Turtle (Das me!) Getting ready for our first day at Disneyland

If possible, GO TO DISNEYLAND! A great place to be little, and not even give a heck.

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